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World Disability Day

Since 1945, the United Nations (UN) has called for the creation of inclusive, accessible and sustainable societies and communities – most notably with the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The UN has promoted the well-being and welfare of people living with disabilities, and in 1992 called for an international day of celebration for people living with disabilities to be held on December 3 each year.


The IDPWD allows for:

  • Reflection – to look at our own past individual and collective actions, and to identify our goals for the future;
  • Celebration – to recognise and value the diversity of our global community, and to cherish the role we all play, regardless of our abilities;
  • Learning – to understand and learn from the experiences of people living with a disability;
  • A day for optimism – to look towards the future and the creation of a world where a person is not characterised by their disabilities, but by their abilities;

Action – where all people, organisations, agencies and charities not only show their support for International Day of People with Disabilities, but take on a commitment to create a world characterised by equal human rights.



On World Disability Day Rosehill School was lucky to be chosen to by a group of volunteers from a company called Cognizant to support us in developing our Woodland Walk. The volunteers worked really hard and did an amazing job to make it ready for pupils to use as part of our outdoor learning. Some pupils assisted with this work, collecting leaves and planting bulbs and wild flowers. All pupils joined in the day by making wind chimes, toadstools, fairy doors and bell chimes. Every pupil was also asked to make a picture of themselves to combine together to make a large jigsaw of your our pupils and young people.  A real community team, effort – thank you Cognizant!

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