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Primary Christmas Performance - 11th December 2019


Thank you for the invite to watch my child and the other children perform. It's the best concert I have watched.


Beautiful memories, amazing staff, lush Christmas play. Well done to each and every one. Be proud!


We really appreciate everything that has been arranged. We are really proud, thank you.


Fantastic performance for the lower school. Great effort from all.


Middle & Upper Christmas Performance - 10th December 2019


Amazed at how well the Christmas performance went.


The show was amazing! It's always nice to see how every young person takes part and how they are supported to do this. It was so lovely to see how the young people enjoyed taking part. Also nice to see parents coming together and sharing their experience. I can see how much time and effort must have gone into preparing for the show, and we just wanted to pass on our thanks to your team, along with the appreciation of coffee and cake!


What a fantastic performance! So lovely to see the pupils do so well and staff enjoying the experience.


A stunning performance, well done Rosehill!


Excellent as usual, a great school.


Lovely Christmas Concert!


Brilliant fun as always. The children were fantastic and made me feel very Christmassy! I bought items the children made too - please keep them making Christmas gifts, they are lovely!


Just watched this years Christmas play. Absolutely fantastic as always. I'm always amazed at how well the children perform. Must be very nerve racking!


Employee Volunteering - 5th December 2019


What a wonderful day. I know the volunteers really enjoyed supporting you and were touched by the thank you card. Thanks so much to Claire, Cav and the team for your support and welcome.


British Red Cross - 5th December 2019


Thank you for booking a first aid workshop for your students. I really enjoyed working with them and your wonderful staff. I hope the students found the session interesting and that it will benefit them in their life.


Teaching Assistants, Welbeck Primary School - 29th November 2019

Our TAs really enjoyed their visit last week. They got so much from it and have come back inspired and full of ideas. Please pass on my thanks to your team.


Thank you for the opportunity to visit Rosehill. We were made to feel really welcome and came away with lots of ideas we can use in our mainstream setting to support our lovely SEN children. What an amazing school you have and a dedicated team of staff. The children were happy and engaged and it was inspirational to see. We would love the opportunity to visit again in the future.


CEO, Nottingham Schools Trust - 28th November 2019

What an inspiring visit. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Cheryl, Claire and the team today, and listening to all of the amazing things you are doing. Thank you so much for showing me around your wonderful school. You continue to do such an important job so well. Looking forward to making sure we can all benefit from our association with you and learn from all your specialisms.


Councillor Khan - 20th November 2019

Thanks for all of your time today and for showing me around your amazing school. All the best!


NQT Training - 18th November 2019

Thank you for sharing your expertise and school environment with our Transform TSA RQT Team.


Really enjoyable session regarding autism and other SEND schools & facilities are fantastic


Really lovely classrooms and provision. Friendly and enthusiastic staff with a real passion to share their knowledge


Thank you for showing us your school - your ethos really shines through. I have lots to feedback to staff at my school


Wow! What a lovely school. Thank you for showing us round. Your enthusiasm and care for the children and staff is so clear


Autism Team - 14th November 2019

Thank you for a very encouraging meeting. Looking forward to joint working to the benefit of  autistic children & young people across the city


KS2 Parent - 12th November 2019

Brilliant support from staff, my child loves coming to the school. Thank you for all of your support


Schools Improvement Advisor - 11th November 2019

 The school looks fabulous as usual. Hard working staff, and hard working children. Thank you


Autism Training Session - 7th November 2019 

Lovely school, warm staff & great environment. Lots of good ideas


Lovely school, friendly staff. Fabulous training


Great school, thanks for showing us around. Very interesting training


Placement Student - 17th October 2019 

Charlotte is so lovely, I can't wait to start my placement here!


Emotional Wellbeing Training Candidates - 16th October 2019

Loved the school environment, particularly the use of signs and symbols around the building to support students


It was really useful and enjoyable. I think this will reflect on our work at school


I came for the training and it was a very enjoyable experience


School environment informative, creative, relaxed atmosphere. Staff were very welcoming. The course was extremely helpful with lots of ideas to take back


Safeguarding, NCC - October 2019

What a fantastic engaging environment


Director of Education - 10th October 2019

Have a very special school day. Exciting times for you today - Enjoy!


Parent - 9th October 2019

Very good coffee morning. Interesting and informative. Enjoyed!


Teacher Visit - 7th October 2019

Thank you to all the staff for showing me around your lovely school. It is wonderful to see such support to all the children and a calm productive working environment


Teacher Visit - 19th September 2019

 I have just visited the school as a teacher in training from Nottingham Trent. I have been welcomed very warmly and have been impressed by the facilities. I am very much looking forward to visiting and gaining experience in Rosehill again


Ex Pupil Parent - 6th September 2019

I have just visited Class 7 with Cheryl, teacher Amy and her lovely TA's. The children were outside enjoying playing in their outside space and all were happy. The class looks lovely with pictures and displays, and felt welcoming and a very happy space! Keep up the excellent work. I was very impressed


Department for Education - 18th July 2019

Thanks so much for letting us look around your lovely school. I really enjoyed attending council with all your students


I was very amazed with the extra thought that the teachers have put into the day to day care for these kids. Really positive and rewarding


Thank you to all the staff and pupils at Rosehill that made our visit so wonderful. It was great to see all the things you do here and the passion of the staff. It is something I will take back with me to DFE!


Clearly somewhere great thought goes into all elements of providing young people with the skills they need. So much to think about, thanks!


Thank you so much for a great visit. I was especially impressed by the amount of attention you give to helping the children with daily life like public transport and work experience


Thank you so much for showing us around Rosehill for a glimpse of the amazing provision here. Such a privilege! And lots to learn and think about.


What a fascinating place and an experience I found inspiring, thanks so much.


Wonderful visit to a wonderful school. Council meeting was fab!


Absolutely eye-opening to be able to learn more about how high needs provision works and what things look like in the real world. Will definitely be using this in our day to day work at the DFE


Parents - Sports Day - 10th July 2019

My child and I had an amazing sports day! We tried every activity and my child really pushed hard. We could hardly keep up! Then we had some lovely quality time with the lovely Anya. Loved it!


Today's been fantastic and everything brilliant.


Great time had!


Really enjoyed todays sports day. Lots of fun inside and outside.


We have had a lovely time today, playing and watching in the activities.


Had a great sports day, really enjoyed it and had fun joining in.


Fantastic morning at sports day. Very well organised, all staff very, very helpful. Was lovely to see everyone.


Very creative and awesome activities. It was exciting watching the kids doing all the different tasks and exercises.


We are so happy to see our son on sports day. He was perfect, happy and enjoyed the day. Great day!


Today's been fantastic and has gone brilliantly. Being here it is clear to see the fantastic job all the staff are doing to help my son. Thank you!


Parents - Sports Day - 4th July 2019

Sports Day at Lee Westwood is one of my favourite events in the calendar, all taking part and I have never seen so many smiles.


Well done Rosehill School! The sports day was full of fun. All the kids participated and enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed myself as well and am looking forward to next year.


It was fantastic. Not only was it great to see my child in action, but watching all the kids enjoying themselves was great to see :)


Great sports day and lovely atmosphere. Celebrating achievements across the board.


Sports Day was really well organised, set at the right level and involved all! My child loved it and coped well. Well done, a positive day!


Exceptional morning, really well organised and the children loved it.


A fantastic event. They all seemed to find the outing fun. Great having helpers this year, they made it so much better! Lovely to see the staff working with our kids and letting us parents join in! Lovely facilities and great that they let you use them.


We had a great time at sports day. It was nice to see my child in the school environment with all his friends and teachers. I think it would be good to have some space for children who didn't want to follow activities, so they have a great time without feeling the pressure to do what other children are doing.


What a fantastic sports day! I was over the moon at how my child coped, hence giving them lots of praise and cuddles. Well done Rosehill for organising the event. I know I speak for other parents too, we are thrilled how the teachers involved our children.


Amazing sports day and really well organised. My child had so much fun and it was lovely that parents and grandparents could be involved.


Great sports event for the pupils. Well organised and great inclusion and involvement from parents. Great venue, many thanks to all at Rosehill.


Schools Improvement Advisor - 1st July 2019

The school environment throughout is very bright and welcoming. Displays of pupils' work are plentiful and of a very high standard. This reflects the hard work of pupils and of staff.


It is wonderful to see such a dedicated staff team and the high quality provision pupils receive as a result.


Parent  - RSE Workshop - 28th June 2019

Thanks for the meeting, always good to see how certain topics are dealt with. Brilliant as always.


Parent - RSE Workshop - 28th June 2019

Great parents meeting this morning. Always informative.


Mel Vella - Drug Education Trainer - 27th June 2019

I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped to organise the morning of workshops around making healthy, good and safe choices. I also thank all staff sitting in on the sessions. They enhanced the value of the workshops, with their support and input.


The students were great, and we had some really good sessions. They were welcoming and their behaviour and engagement was a credit to the ethos of the school. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the students and staff. I also loved seeing the work you have all been doing in school, and look forward to returning.


Director of Education - 27th June 2019

A wonderful visit to see and hear the brilliant RSE work. Inspiring as ever. Thank you all (and I enjoyed a good boogie too!)


Councillor Chantal Lee - 27th June 2019

Thank you so much for having me at your brilliant RSE day!


Voyage Care - 19th June 2019

A lovely friendly environment. Nice to see all students involved in the activities. Particular thank you for the informative share.


Transform TSA - 14th June 2019

We really enjoyed looking around the school and seeing the children engaged in the assembly and their lessons. Thank you for having us.


Twinkl - 12th June 2019

We have had the most fantastic time seeing all of the wonderful ways you communicate in the school with such care and thought! Thank you for welcoming us.


Transition Fair - 7th June 2019

Very well organised event. Good to see lots of other providers attending. Really useful for parents/carers.


Really useful, great to find out more about the school and speaking with the parents was very beneficial. Well planned and good flow of people.


Lots of useful information. Discovered lots of new services I didn't know about. Everybody was very helpful and good literature to take home.


Autism Training - 3rd June 2019

Enjoyed delivering training today - engaged and fun staff. Hope it was useful.


SEN Team - 22nd May 2019

A fantastic school and facilities. We were made very welcome. Thank you.


Health & Safety  Governor - 16th May 2019

Visual H&S visit to school. Pupils and staff were very welcoming. School was incredibly tidy and clean.


Interviewee - 13th May 2019

I spent the day at your AMAZING school! I was impressed by the lovely children and staff.


Interviewee - 10th May 2019

I had a lovely day interviewing at Rosehill. All of the staff were so welcoming and the children were a pleasure to teach. Thank you for having me.


Princes Trust - 9th May 2019

Visit with Natalie (teacher) - A lovely school, so bright and welcoming!


Student, Huntingdon Academy - 7th May 2019

I wanted to thank you for organising the trip to Rosehill School today. It was a fantastic day and an extremely valuable experience. Autism and SEN in general are not thoroughly covered through university, I feel, so today has been extremely informative. The staff are fantastic and the pupils so wonderful so whilst it was only a day, there is a lot I have taken from it. I am looking forward to further training in June.


Student - 7th May 2019

Thank you for an amazing day! I've loved working with the class and hope to visit again soon!


NHS Staff - 2nd May 2019

What a lovely school. Very well organised policy and procedures very obvious within school. Visit with the headteacher and safeguarding officer, school has a very robust medication procedures and policies in place. Environment is very well managed and pleasant.


Autism Awareness Training - 2nd May 2019

Head of Learning, Nottingham Contemporary "Thank you for the successful training session at Rosehill. Please do pass on my thanks to our guest speaker too! His answers were really generous and insightful. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us Cheryl".


Really helpful to hear from a parent and see the practical workings of the school. Some really helpful information.


Lots for us to think about. It would be great to share with you as we make changes. Thank you for your expertise and generosity sharing your experiences. Really useful.


Amazing, brilliant and really inspiring, and also practical!


Very clear, especially useful to speak to a parent and the resources.


Prospective Parent - 1st May 2019

Very well resourced. Clean and organised. Looks like a great place for my child. Thanks a million.


Becky, Huntingdon Academy - 1st May 2019

It was great to meet with the Head and Deputy Head today to have passionate conversations about teaching and learning, and how we can work together as a team to provide quality continual development. Like minded people working in partnership.


CEO Nottingham Schools Trust - 30th April 2019

I was fortunate enough to visit Rosehill School on a day students were engaged in activities led by the Handmade Theatre Company. Whilst my visit was brief, students were overwhelmingly engaged and motivated by the theatre team. I was greeted by a student who was confident, courteous and keep to demonstrate their enthusiasm.


Parent - Communication Workshop - 4th April 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for today, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to get my childs book. I think it will be really good for us all as a family


NQT Training - 4th April 2019

I really enjoyed seeing all of the work on display, especially the art.


Friendly and informative visit - tea, coffee and biscuits were a great touch!


Thank you for letting us walk around your school and look at all of your wonderful work!


Fantastic school! What a wonderful experience.


Thank you for our wonderful visit to your school. I have seen some fabulous work and beautiful art on my visit.


Megan Hood - 3rd April 2019

What a lovely school you have here at Rosehill! Thank you for showing me around and for being so friendly and welcoming. I hope to visit again soon :)


Ruth Bolstridge - 3rd April 2019

Thank you all for letting me look around your wonderful school! I saw lots of great smiles and waves which tell me what a fab place to be this is.


Pinewood Infant School - 3rd April 2019

Thank you for a great visit to look at the use of communication boards! Great children and staff, really helpful :)


Fernwood Primary - 2nd April 2019

Thank you so much for a great look round. Lots of ideas I can take for communication aids and inclusive provision :)


Schools Improvement Officer - 19th March 2019

Fantastic visit! The school continues to look beautiful and inviting. Lots of fresh displays on walls showing the school is jam packed full of excellent work! Another fantastic day, thank you!


Zoolab - 19th March 2019

Lovely as teachers were very understanding and good at keeping the children under control around the animals.


Rebecca - Dance Equations - 8th March 2019

What a great Maths Week! I loved working with all the children and staff this week - we had fun dancing about Maths!


Headteacher at Foxwood Academy - 27th February 2019

A quick message to say thank you for accommodating one or more of our staff members on their school visit on the 11th February. We ask all staff to visit local special or mainstream schools in February so that they can bring back examples of good practice and watch other teachers and teaching assistants in new and different environments. Our staff appreciate the opportunity and we really appreciate your hospitality. I'm certain it has a positive impact on our children and young people. The feedback was really positive.


Foxwood Academy - 11th February 2019

Lovely to see all the art work, children look happy and staff friendly, thank you!


Visitor - 4th February 2019

A great tour of a very happy school. Lovely to meet the staff and some of the school.


Nottingham Fire Service - 28th January 2019

We visited from Red Watch, London Road Fire Station with our fire engine to show the pupils and staff what the fire engine is about as part of their topic 'People who help us' The staff and pupils really engaged with us and enjoyed our visit. the visit included a sit in the fire engine, looking at the equipment and seeing the blue lights and spraying some water from the hose reel.


Visitor - 21st January 2019

Fantastic tour around this beautifully kept and complex school. It really feels loved and cherished.


Visitor - 19th January 2019

A wonderful place to be! Pupils so calm and engrossed in their work! Wow!


Collaborate Digital Limited - 18th January 2019

It's almost a year since we were with you delivering our consent workshop in partnership with Nottinghamshire Police and our team still talk with fondness about your pupils and the fantastic way they engaged with the workshop

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