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Fundamental British Values & Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development



Our School Values


"All maintained schools must meet the requirements set out in section 78 of the Education Act 2002 and promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of their pupils. Through ensuring pupils’ SMSC development, schools can also demonstrate they are actively promoting fundamental British values".


In accordance with The Department for Education we aim to actively promote British Values in our school to ensure young people leave school prepared for life in modern Britain.


We achieve this through our school values, broad and balanced curriculum and enrichment activities and community involvement, which promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society and by promoting and reinforcing the fundamental British values.

The targets that guide us in our learning, our work and our life at Rosehill School



Recognise our personal achievements and reach our potential

Overcome our barriers to learning

Succeed in our aspirations and be safe and healthy

Enjoy school, have fun and make good friendships

Help and care for others and be active citizens

Interact and communicate positively with others

Learn well today and every day and prepare well for our futures

Live fulfilling lives and look forward to tomorrow

The Key Values are:


rule of law

individual liberty

mutual respect

tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

At Rosehill School, throughout all stages, we aim to ensure that our pupils:


  • Explore beliefs, experience and faiths, feelings and values; enjoy learning about ourselves, others and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity and reflect on experiences
  • Recognise right and wrong and respect the law; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues and offer reasoned views
  • Use a range of social skills to participate in the local community and beyond; appreciate diverse viewpoints; participate, volunteer and cooperate; resolve conflict
  • Appreciate cultural influences; appreciate the role of Britain’s parliamentary system; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity
  • Be part of a system where everyone plays an equal part
  • Learn that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable for their actions and behaviour
  • Be free to express views or ideas
  • To respect and tolerate the opinions or behaviour of others
  • Pupils are encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance and understand that while different people may hold different views about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, all people living in England are subject to its law.

We promote and reinforcing the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs regularly

Please see our policies page and safeguarding page below for more information regarding Fundamental British Values and our Safeguarding strategies.

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