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Specialists & Therapists

At Rosehill School all staff are committed to providing high quality education for every pupil. We recognise that this will usually be best achieved when school staff work closely with parents/carers, other professionals and all who are responsible for the care of the children who attend the school. Each profession has specific roles and responsibilities and works under different systems. Education is no different except that all children go to school, therefore, we often become a focal point for other professionals who may be involved in some way with individual children and, if cooperation is to be effective, it requires careful coordination and management. We believe cooperation is best achieved when respective tasks are clearly defined, roles and responsibilities are understood and the perceived requirements of individual professionals, pupils, parents and the school as a whole are correctly balanced. The main support services the school receives are:


  • School Paediatrician (fortnightly clinic)
  • Occupational Therapy (2 days p/w)
  • Speech and Language Therapy (1-2 day p/w)
  • Continence Clinics (1 day per half term)
  • Educational Psychology (by arrangement with external teams)


Our Senior Leadership Team and teachers work with parents and carers in order to establish when the involvement of a specialist is necessary. Staff within the school are more than happy to discuss how this involvement works as not all pupils will be immediately referred to these services.

Speech and Language Therapy Overview


Speech and Language Therapy are a NHS provided service which supports children with their communication and eating and drinking needs. Our overall goals within school are:

  • Introduce and support functional means of communication for children on NHS caseload.
  • Increase reasons and opportunities for communication for children within school.
  • Support staff to facilitate and embed appropriate communication strategies within the classroom.
  • Increase opportunities for regular liaison with SLT Team for all teaching staff.


Our aims within school are:

  • To provide timely communication/eating and drinking intervention for children as and when it is most needed.
  • To provide clear communication/eating and drinking targets for children in liaison with staff and families.
  • To increase staff autonomy in supporting communication/eating and drinking needs.


We hope to support classes to utilise the Total Communication Approach for all children. This includes the use of signs, symbols, photographs, visual timetables, appropriate spoken language modelling, increased opportunities for communication and lots more. A Total Communication environment embeds all these methods to allow and support opportunities for communication for every child.


As a service we offer whole-school training sessions to teaching staff for a variety of approaches including; Communication Partner Training, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Positive Communication Strategies, Means Reasons and Opportunities for Communication. We also provide support to parents of children with a NHS referral through written reports, contributions to Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs) and providing resources. We are also able to deliver telephone calls, video calls and home visits where necessary.

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