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"Caring about learning, learning about caring"

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Welcome, Introduction & Virtual Tour

Welcome to Rosehill School

Rosehill School is a maintained special school for children and young people age 4-19, on the autism spectrum, which is set in a residential area on the outskirts of Nottingham City Centre. The school has an Early Year’s provision and a Sixth Form.


The very large majority of pupils attending the school have a range of associated communication, interaction, social, imagination, sensory and learning differences. There is a range of expertise throughout the school, from our highly skilled teachers and teaching assistants to additional collaboration with other agencies including the OT Service, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychology and Health Teams. Admissions to the school are through Nottingham City Local Authority. 


Rosehill School is part of the Nottingham Schools Trust – a collaborative partnership focusing on improving education for the children of Nottingham.


I feel honoured to be our school’s Headteacher and, together with my team, we work tirelessly to ensure that we offer the best education and care to our pupils and support to their families and the wider community.


Rosehill is a special place where everyone is valued and treated with dignity and respect. It is a place where we learn, care, enjoy and achieve success together. As a school, we are committed to and invest hugely in the Safeguarding, mental health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff, and place great importance on promoting an inclusive culture and strong Learning Community.


We are committed to and passionate about the learning and progress of our pupils. Staff and governors have high aspirations for our learners and we aim to provide a relevant and balanced education that focuses on individual, personal and academic achievement.


We value and seek meaningful collaboration, which maximise opportunities to drive our schools’ vision and aims. Through our partnership working, we create a strong sense of community spirit, and promote awareness of Autism to further support our pupils to break down barriers, to excel and to lead fulfilling lives.


Our mission from 2023-2024 is a strong focus on lifting barriers to learning, and continuing to create an environment which promotes high aspirations, positive attitudes to learning, excellent attendance, behaviour and conduct, and emotional wellbeing. Alongside the development of expertise in these areas and high-quality teaching, we will continue to strengthen our vision and ensure that every pupil has the best education and are ready for the next steps in learning and life.


We are a ‘Healthy’ and ‘Rights Respecting School’ and we promote the importance of Safeguarding, health, emotional wellbeing, dignity and respect. We will work closely with our families to ensure our pupils are safe, and thrive by remaining active, accessing as many opportunities as possible to enrich their lives and wellbeing, develop their life skills and prepare them for adulthood. This includes partnerships with key organisations that can work collaboratively with us to promote this inclusive, child centred approach. 


I have always practised an ‘open door’ policy and so I really encourage you to take advantage of this – please contact me so that I can hear your views and address any issues arising. I also warmly encourage you to find out more about our fantastic school, so please spend time reading the introduction below and looking around our school website.


Best wishes,


Mrs C Steele


Introduction to the School

Rosehill School has been a specialist Autism provider since 1980 and in 2009 the school was selected to be part of a Building Schools for the Future Programme. By 2011, the school was fully refurbished and is completely unique in its design, with architects designing a superb purpose-built school specifically planned to meet the needs of autistic learners. 


The site encapsulates the original open-air nature of the school, while providing 21st Century facilities with its eye firmly on the future. We pride ourselves in the facilities that include specialist sensory areas, a dance studio, PE hall, library, art studio, Cafe and training kitchens. We also have a Multi Immersive Learning Environment (MILE). 


In 2021, Rosehill School celebrated its 90th anniversary.


The positive, warm atmosphere and constant drive for improvement at Rosehill School makes it a very special place. Your child will be placed at the heart of everything we do. Our team of staff are skilled, hardworking and committed to developing the whole child, not just their academic ability. We recognise that success for every child will be different and we celebrate this in numerous ways. Achievement and good behaviour are encouraged and promoted using a positive approach.


The schools vision statement has been co-produced in partnership with our whole school community and this encompasses our shared values; to ensure each child can excel and reach their full potential and are very well equipped and prepared for the next stage of their education and for adulthood.


We provide a broad and balanced education enabling pupils to achieve their full academic and social potential. Our whole school curriculum and school environment reflects the commitment made to ensure Fundamental British Values (FBV), Social, Moral Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) aspects and Prevent Duty Strategies. Every aspect of the school curriculum and school environment is reflective of the individual learning needs (and continues to be developed to ensure a balanced curriculum structure is in place).


We know how valuable each day at school is, so we want all of our pupils to be happy, safe and to access the creative, broad and balance curriculum we offer. Some of our most recent developments include our ‘Creative Collaboratives' project and the work of our Wellbeing Champions. We aim to extend opportunities outside of school in sport, the arts, cultural experiences such as visiting museums and libraries, Work-Related Learning, work experience and many other areas.


The school is designed with very clearly defined safe, calm classroom bases with individual areas to meet children’s needs. From these bases’ pupils circulate around the school to engage in more specific learning areas leading ultimately to a more life skills based and independent curriculum. The circulation, movement and integration of pupils around the school is central to the overall vision of developing independence, preparing our learners for adulthood.


The development of the MILES, balance rooms and sensory circuits reflects the work we have undertaken around developing children's metacognition and self-regulatory behaviours for learning. 


We work very closely with parents, carers and extended services and always aim to provide a happy and stimulating environment. We welcome parents and carers to come into school at any time to discuss issues. You know your child best and we believe that working together is the best way forward. Our home-school diaries, home visits and social events are all part of this partnership. We also run regular parents’ meetings, which are very informal sessions. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at these meetings. Everyone is welcome to bring along friends and family members if you wish.


In November 2017 we had our fifth, consecutive Outstanding Ofsted inspection where we were highly commended for the work that we do.


If there is anything else you need to know then please contact us. We love our school and we hope that you will too!


  • Rosehill School is also a registered charity, our charity number is: 1027545You can find out further details at the following link Click Here
  • Please Click Here for information regarding donations and fundraising
  • For further information about Rosehill's SEND Policy and Information Report, and for additional policies, please follow this link.

Virtual Tour and Videos

With the help of our pupils, we have put together a virtual tour of the school and other videos, for example virtual exhibitions, so you can see all the amazing learning opportunities available to our pupils! 

Prospective Parents

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