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Careers Education & Employability

Choosing which direction to take after leaving school is a big decision.


We’re here to support our students and make sure they know about all the options open to them. Our curriculum focusses on careers and the interests and skills of the students incorporated into their individual programmes, we provide our students with meaningful career-related opportunities and activities throughout their time with us.

The aim for all of our pupils is for them to live as independent a life as possible where they are able to engage with different people, have access to experiences in their community and make valued contributions. For some of our pupils, this may mean college and further education, employment and independent living, for some a choice of day services and continuing to live at home.


A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work. At Rosehill the term career is intended to mean ‘pathway through life’ and has a broad definition to include further education, work, life and independent living.


Our vision for our programme of Careers and World of Work, is to give the pupils the wide range of experiences needed to increase their self-confidence, to improve their motivation, to provide them with an understanding of the world of work and the opportunities that are open to them. 


Our Careers and World of Work programme delivers against the 8 Gatsby benchmarks, as appropriate, for our pupils.


The Eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance are:

  1. A stable career programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance


Supporting our careers and work-related learning programme

Rosehill welcomes support from parents, employers and experts from a range of working backgrounds and industries. It is important that our pupils have the opportunity to speak to individuals from a diverse range of employment to give them informed choices about their future working lives, and the work of people that support them in their lives.


There are ways in which you can support our careers programme and we would love to hear from you to further enhance our careers provision.


To support us in school, could you:

  • Provide work experience opportunities for our pupils?
  • Allow our pupils to visit your workplace?
  • Come in and speak to our pupils in a question-and-answer session?
  • Attend a virtual question and answer session?
  • Pre-record answers to employment questions that we have to add to a careers video library


Our Careers Leader is Joanne Ritchie.  If you have any questions about careers, higher education, work experience, or if you would like more information about our careers programme, please contact Joanne Ritchie, 0115 9155815 j.ritchie@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk

Child Centred Gatsby Benchmarks



Careers Policy


The careers world of work policy can be found on our policies page


Our provider access policy can be found below.

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