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What Others Say About Us

Christmas Performance - 13th December 2022

An excellent performance as always.


What a lot of stars come to Rosehill. Thanks so much for all the hard work.


Amazing to be back watching the pupils - superb as always!


Parent Feedback - Transition Fair - 22nd November 2022

Amazing and very helpful. Great presentation.


Very good and helpful, with a lot of information that I needed.


Very insightful event, with the perfect number of services and parents.


Rosehill School is the best school ever.


Very interesting and educational morning. Full of information that is vital to my child's development and future. Thank you.


Brilliant morning & very informative. 


Very good fair with a lot of knowledge. Parents feel like they have options and hopefully these views will be taken into consideration.



Professional Services - Transition Fair - 22nd November 2022

Thank you for having us here at Rosehill. Very lovely school full of wonderful people.


Thank you for inviting us. It has been nice to present our college to your parents and learners.


Really interesting to chat to a variety of people with different experiences and be able to explain how our organisation can support and advise. A good opportunity to network with other providers.


Lovely to see so many parents showing an interest in transition and useful providers available to help people find out more.


Transition Fair - 22nd November 2022

It was great to be part of Rosehill’s annual transition fair today. The time we got to spend connecting with the young people and their families was really lovely and valuable for our work.


Thank you Jo for organising the event and asking us to be part of it. A special thank you to those students who served in the café, talk about service with a smile 😊


Many thanks,

Wendy Riley, Active Notts



Health Team - 1st November 2022

What a wonderfully welcoming environment. I loved the light, airy spaces and all the bright information on the walls. Lovely place, lovely people.


Rosehill is doing excellent work - it was lovely to see the facilities available to support children and young people, and the hard work of staff to support them.



Parents Open Evening - 31st October 2022

Had a lovely look around, thanks for showing me.


It was lovely to come and meet the team. Fantastic to see how well all the pupils work together.


Very good, loved looking around. Staff nice and feel welcome. (Grandad thinks it's fantastic :))


It seems my child has changed a lot for the better, I like it very much, I like the school and staff too.


I have enjoyed coming here to see how they spend the day. It was quite eye-opening, and I can see why my child enjoys coming to school. It is exciting.


It's nice to see the classroom and talk face to face with the teachers. It was lovely to know and see how well my child is getting on with their writing, which I never knew they could.



Governor - 12th October 2022

Wonderful to see the pupils clearly being engaged in the life of the school and staff with a clear passion for the pupils.


Artist of Creative Collaborations - 6th October 2022

It's been such a pleasure working with Sarah B, your pupils and your staff! They've created some beautiful banners and they shine on in their talents.


McMillan Parents Coffee Morning - 30th September 2022

Important to share with each other, experiences about our children. We learn more and more to know what to do to support our children.


Very useful information about the services that the school can make available. Lots of detailed information about the benefits of each service.


We got lots of new information that I didn't know before.


Parent - 13th September 2022

I just want to thank the teams that have been working with my child over the last year. I am so grateful for everyone's hard work and have seen a huge improvement in them at home. Rosehill is the best thing that's happened for my family and I can see how happy they are to be here.



Juliet, RMPA - 9th September 2022

What an amazing visit! Lovely to see your fantastic provision and visit. The whole environment was an inspiration and I will take lots of ideas back to my own school.


Inspiring Leaders Training - 23rd June 2022

Very informative and eye opening - really going to consider how I can inform my practice from the learning.


Really helpful session with great strategies.


Thank you to Rosehill School for the amazing insight into such a nurturing and caring school.


Thank you for letting us into your school and explaining how we can support.


Really insightful being able to come in and experience a SENCO school. I have learnt a lot, thank you!


I really enjoyed visiting Rosehill today and the training session was so helpful. Thank you!


My visit to Rosehill School was very insightful. The use of Makaton around the site was very helpful to understand. It's great to see and hear autism in such a positive way. Thanks!


SLT from a Special School - 22nd June 2022

A really purposeful and informative visit. Plenty of food for thought and ideas that I will definitely be taking away with me. Loved the dance performance!


Behaviour Support Service - 20th June 2022

It was great to have a look around your lovely school and meet some of you and your staff supporting you, and learning a little bit about what you do!


Lovely to meet Cheryl and discuss how we can work together. A walk around the school was great.


Teachers from a Special School - 17th June 2022

Thank you to Shona and Charlotte for accommodating today's visit. The school is lovely and great resources.


"Here to Help Fayre" - 23rd May 2022



It was excellent and a really good time in Rosehill, and helpful for the children.


Great day - very informative and helpful.


Really enjoyed today! Been really informative and picked up some helpful links and support. Thanks again.


It's been a very good day, I really enjoyed it very much. The stalls had good information to offer. I hope it will be done again next year. Thank you to all who put it together.


Thank you for putting on this event. Lovely to see faces again, some great knowledge, and great food thank you! 



NFFC Community Trust

We really enjoyed today and the students listened well. We are looking forward to seeing you again.


External Practitioner

Brilliant! I really enjoyed seeing the parents and professionals. The pupil performances were excellent and everyone is nice....and there was food! Thank you!


The event was well organised.


Very positive day and really well organised. We would love to attend again!


What a lovely, caring, organised school running today's events to help parents to help themselves and their children. Great to have the older children involved on the tea and coffee, and lovely to bring some of the children in. Lovely showcase from the children. Thank you to the site management for willingness to help and very organised. Great to have the Headteacher presence - Thank you for inviting us.


Really useful event, great to network, meet parents and was lovely to see so many students getting involved too!


Great session this morning - everyone was helpful and friendly. Thanks.


Thanks for organising and inviting me to the wonderful open day. It was lovely to spend time speaking with parents and other professionals. The Rosehill staff and pupils are amazing - I loved the performances. Thank you!


Schoolwear Solutions

Well organised. Lovely to meet all the parents and informing them of the different ways they can order the uniform - as well as the text service and reception drop off. Really enjoyed the day and look forward to being part of the next one. 



Really welcoming and friendly. We had coffee served by a lovely young person, and met some great people. Thanks!


Thank you so much for having me - what a joy it has been to see your wonderful school, parents, children and practitioners!


Thank you for having me, it was informative and useful. Thank you.


A fantastic event and great to have this in person. Very informative, particularly enjoyed seeing the student involvement and speaking with parents. Looking forward to the next one! 


School Improvement Advisor - 19th May 2022

Thank you very much for showing me your dancing and letting me find out about your poetry, and seeing some of your great work on the walls and in your books.


External Trainer - 18th May 2022

Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Lovely school and staff, thank you.


SENCO - 18th May 2022

Lovely school, staff were really supportive and helpful with engaging the students.


Parent - 11th May 2022

Really helpful visit today. Lovely to see the teacher's positive responses to students.


Parents, Parents Evening - 23rd & 24th March 2022

A good, well explained parents evening. It was great to have the opportunity for it to be explained.


My child is achieving more than we expected, and are delighted with this, and how much the school are helping them with everything.


My first parents evening. Everything was explained in detail about my child and what they've achieved at Rosehill. The meeting went well and my child is in the right environment for their needs.


I am really pleased with the support my child is getting from the school and teacher. They have progressed really well. They keep my child focused and engaged all the time.


Teachers were very nice, good feedback on pupil. Happy to have been in school.


Notts County Council Transport - 24th March 2022

Lovely visit to school today. Great to see happy children meeting school staff :)


NCC Transport - 24th March 2022

Observed transport arriving - great interaction between staff and pupils.


NCC Safeguarding - 22nd March 2022

It was lovely to visit Rosehill School today and meet with staff and pupils. The work that the School Council have been doing with all classes on "Keeping Safe" is amazing. I enjoyed looking at the book you have made, and talking to pupils. Thank you for making me so welcome.


"Make a Smile" World Book Day Volunteers - 3rd March 2022

Thank you for letting us visit and making us feel so welcome. We had a great day and look forward to visiting again!


Thank you for a lovely visit! It was so nice meeting all the lovely kids and the friendly staff! We hope to be back soon!


Schools Improvement Advisors - 1st March 2022

Thank you for a wonderful visit. Always a joy to see the incredible things that you are all doing.


Thank you for making me so welcome. I've really enjoyed looking around your school and meeting everyone.


Dave, Nottingham Schools Trust - 25th February 2022

Made to feel very welcome by everyone I met - lovely to be able to visit an amazing school.


First Aid Trainer - 8th February 2022

Friendly staff and students were great. I enjoyed the workshop, and the students learning too. Thanks! 



Zumba Trainer - 8th February 2022

I've just been doing Zumba with the kids and staff and they were fabulous! Thank you for having me at your lovely school!


Chinese Dance Workshop - 7th February 2022

Thank you so much for inviting me to come and teach the Chinese Dance Workshop. All the students were fab! I would love to come back.


PCSO - 25th January 2022

Thank you so much for asking us to come in to do a session with the pupils. I thought it went really well and hopefully everyone enjoyed it. If there are any more knife sessions you would like doing this year, please don't hesitate to contact us, it would be a pleasure!


Teaching Assistant, Primary School - 17th January 2022

What an amazing school! Children are so happy and supported well. Thank you for letting me visit.


EPIC Partners - 12th January 2022

We are always welcomed by the friendly reception staff, and have had an amazing time working with the staff around the school. It has been a privilege to get to know the amazing children and it has become my favourite school to work in! 

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