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What Others Say About Us

Teaching Assistants, Willoughby Academy - 22nd November 2021


Thank you so much to everybody at Rosehill for showing us your lovely school. An extra big thank you to the young person who helped in answering our questions.



Principal, Harrogate College - 16th November 2021


As a principal of a "Good" college, I'm always looking at how I can improve. I've worked in partnership with Rosehill over a number of years, and they've always been incredibly supportive by sharing ideas, processes and strategy, which have helped influence improvements in my provision, thus positively impacting on my students. Rosehill is a welcoming, calm and outstanding school with strong leaders who share a common vision and consistently work together to achieve success for their students. Thank you for your support.


Head Access Auditor for Equality Act Audits - 15th November 2021


This school never ceases to amaze me. The enthusiastic staff, amazing facilitation and wonderful pupils are just the best. Always a pleasure to come here.



New School Governor - 11th November 2021


Fantastic opportunity to see the school and all of the great work done by the young people here at Rosehill. The welcome from all I met have been hugely appreciated.


ECT2 Training Session - 9th November 2021


Thank you so much for hosting today's session for our early career teachers. So much valuable learning to take from our experience at Rosehill. Such a pleasure to hear about the real focus on the children and young people who attend here and how the environment and expert knowledge really supports their positive development.


Awesome session as always for our ECT2's to explore strategies to develop their practice. Thank you for sharing your stories and expertise. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


What an absolute treat for our ECT2's to visit our friends at Rosehill to listen to expertise, share experiences and learn more about strategies to support our children. It was lovely to see you all. It really felt like you'd taken a lot of time to think about what would be most helpful for our ECT's and they really enjoyed the session. Thanks to your team for the warm welcome. 


The Outdoor Adventure Team - 4th November 2021


Sam, Marcus and Maddy from the Adventure Team have had an amazing 4 days. The young people were all absolutely amazing and showed great resilience with all activities. Staff were wonderful!


Patrick Fielding - CEO Nottingham Schools Trust - 30th September 2021


Once again, I was thrilled to be invited to meet with senior staff, teaching and non-teaching staff at the very wonderful Rosehill School. I never feel anything less than very welcome from the minute I arrive to the minute I leave. The office team are to be commended-how lovely are they!!

I enjoyed my time with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher talking about what it is that makes Rosehill special and some of the things the school wants to change and improve on.

I also enjoyed a tour of the primary school by the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Three moments stood out for me; meeting F-who was eloquent and courteous, the dance and movement class-where I saw some of the older Rosehill students totally engaged in activity and the Rebound / PE session taking place in the Main Hall-vibrant and full of energy. Each time we stopped I was introduced to a range of students who were quite simply a joy to meet.

Rosehill presents itself with an air of calm, industry and ambition. Keep it up. Boy oh boy am I looking forward to my next visit.


School Improvements Advisor - 5th October 2021


Thank you to all the staff and pupils for a very positive visit. I was so impressed with the children and young people - they were all working so hard and were so friendly. I'm already looking forward to my next visit!


Parent - Celebration Assembly - 27th July 2021


I'd like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Rosehill for their hard work, passion and the extraordinary effort especially during the pandemic. Well done to all the pupils for how they have coped, and working so hard.


Parent - Celebration Assembly - 27th July 2021


It was lovely to be part of the Celebration Assembly. It's been a trying and difficult year for a lot of us. You've all been amazing teachers helping us the best you can through Covid and Home Learning. I thank you all for the support you have given to my child and I.


Parent - Celebration Assembly - 27th July 2021


Very positive assembly, nice to see all the children doing so well. Keep up the good work! Thanks to all the teachers and staff for all of their hard work over the last year.


SENCO, Nottingham School - 14th July 2021


Cheryl gave me a tour of the school so I could see the setting and how we could adapt our Mainstream School. She gave me resource ideas, timetabling suggestions and strategies for staff. I was grateful for the opportunity and learn from Cheryl's experience and knowledge. What a fabulous school!



Experience Manager, Discovery Education - 15th June 2021


I was really impressed with all the pupils who participated in the Friendship tree video. They showed some good communication skills; and spoke or wrote down their feelings about friendship with confidence and care. The boy in the red t-shirt really stood out as a great narrator and showed such enthusiasm to present throughout the film.


SRE Lead at Nottingham City - 15th June 2021


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the friendship film for RSE Day.  I particularly like how well the film is presented and how it includes so many different areas of the school. It is wonderful to hear all the views about friendship and to see the art-work you have created. I can’t wait for people to see it on RSE Day so they can appreciate all the great work happening at Rosehill and see how talented the children and young people are, with such great ideas about friendship!


Headteacher of a Specialist College, Harrogate - 14th June 2021


As a Principal of a specialist setting I’m often looking at websites for ideas and information. I wanted to just drop a note to say I think your website is great.

It is very accessible, clearly laid out, attractive and full of relevant and useful information for all stakeholders. I’m a great believer in sharing knowledge for the benefit of the students and your website does it incredibly successfully.


Well done Rosehill, keep up the fantastic life changing work you do.


Chair of Governors - 23rd February 2021


It was an honour to judge the pupil’s e-safety awareness project with Nadia Whitmore MP for Nottingham East.  Each of the different key-stages produced clear, engaging and creative posters that made judging difficult.  Thank you to JK who guided us through the decision-making process and for being such an excellent host and ambassador for the school.



Andy Jenkins - 100 Hearts Organiser - February 2021


As a recently retired head Nottingham City head teacher, please accept and pass on my thanks for everything you are doing for your pupils and community at the moment – Rosehill is a special place.


Parent - 4th December 2020


Today's meeting was great and a lovely way of you showing the wonderful work all of the children have been doing. I cannot ever praise and thank the staff enough for their dedication, warmth and passion they have for each child to succeed. You are more than a credit to us parents. You treat our children with respect and love, and are behind them 100%. Thank you.


Governor - 3rd December 2020


I was so pleased to hear about "Stars in our School" today! It is so good to know others appreciate everything in Rosehill.


Headteacher of a Special School - 10th November 2020


I have looked at your website recently, and I just wanted to say it is fantastic, both in content and the sense of being a responsive school. Credit to you all, curriculum content especially is excellent.



Transform Trust - November 2020


Thank you for a great session. Particular thanks to your students in the video. Thanks so much for your ongoing support.


Adventure Team - 5th & 6th November 2020


The staff from the Adventure Team have all had a fabulous time today. The children were amazing and enjoyed the archery and climbing wall.


Lovely people, lovely day, smiles and sunshine. All the children had great experiences and the staff were very supportive.


EPIC - 4th November 2020


The pupils we worked with were superb! Brilliant attitude, behaviour and communication. Thank you for a fantastic couple of days.


Director of Education - 15th October 2020


Thank you for a wonderful visit and opportunity to meet the pupils and celebrate their wonderful achievements. I always leave Rosehill feeling so positive and proud.


CEO Nottingham Schools Trust - 24th September 2020


I am never disappointed visiting your school. My visit on the 24th September was no exception - an absolute delight. 

I had the good fortune of meeting a range of staff who were welcoming, buoyant and combined and created a tangible buzz about the building. Every member of the staff team I met found the time to stop and engage in conversation which reminds me just how special your school community is.


The woodland walk, primary provision balance room and immersion room will undoubtedly enhance and enrichen the educational experience on offer to your children and young people and reflects your focus on sensory regulation and drive to promote cultural capital.


Thank you for meeting the needs of the children and young people in your care and or providing them with a rich, broad and dynamic educational, social and cultural experience.


Governor - 16th September 2020


The pupils were all so polite and engaging. The staff working incredibly well with Covid-19 Risk Assessments. Well done Rosehill!


Ex Pupil - August 2020


I wanted to let you know how well I am doing during lockdown with my studies. I want to wish you all well and thank you for the wonderful job you are all doing.


Governors feedback on the RSE Day Assembly - 25th June 2020


This is the most heart-warming thing I've seen in a long time. Well done to all the staff involved!


Thanks for sharing, this is fantastic! Tried my hardest to learn some of the signing words but was too distracted by the beautiful fur-baby guinea pigs. The teachers have done a brilliant job pulling this together. Great effort and very informative. I'm sure the pupils will enjoy it just as much as I did, if not more.


Cllr Lee - 18th March 2020


I just wanted to send a heartfelt Thank You and Well Done to you, and your teams, for all you are doing during these testing times. Not just as a councillor, but as a St Ann's resident and parent. Please do pass on my huge appreciation to your workmates, you're the beating hearts of our community and city, and I know you'll do all you can, for as long as you safely can. If you think I can do anything at all, please let me know.


Governor - 5th March 2020


Absolutely beautiful school :-) The staff were so friendly and the pupils so inviting for World Book Day. Thank you for letting me judge your beautiful work (it was all fantastic!)


Warburtons Workshop - 27th February 2020


Visiting the middle school to bake bread today, was filled with fun, laughter, flour and hedgehogs! The staff were wonderful and friendly, but the children were absolutely superstars and so polite. Thank you!


Interviewee - 26th February 2020


Thank you for having me here for an interview. I had a wonderful time, and it felt very welcoming


Interviewee - 26th February 2020


I've had a wonderful time with Class 6. The children were lovely and so friendly. Thank you for making me feel so welcome in your school


Interviewee - 26th February 2020


Had a fantastic time with Class 3! Thank you for having me and for getting involved...and for playing with me in the playground! Really impressed by the school and the warm welcome


Castle Trust - 25th February 2020


How fitting and wonderful that Rosehill was the first school to receive a people's forest oak from NOSF and The Castle Trust - A wonderful school of wonderful people


Robin Hood - 25th February 2020


What a cool school! Great people doing good work for the community on this land what is our home


Nick Lee - 14th February 2020


Thank you for inviting me to Eco Club. I was really excited by the brilliant ideas you all have to save energy, encourage wildlife and to do outside learning. It is really impressive and I look forward to the Oak Tree planting


Food for Life - 14th February 2020


It was great to hear the range of activities you are all doing to help the environment and eco system! Keep up the good work and good luck! Great posters too! I'll make a hedgehog pledge today


Cllr Lee - 14th February 2020


Thank you for having me at your student council meeting and showing me your woodland walk


Zoolab - 6th February 2020


What an amazing day at Rosehill School, I bought along a few exotic and rainforest animals for the children to meet. The children were exceptional, they listened and followed the rules when handling each animal. They took lots of information on board and had some fantastic animal facts to share.


The staff are lovely, ensuring each child got to see the animals and didn't miss out! Very caring and understanding, we had lots of fun! I would love to come back in the future for another fun animal day!


Parent Governor - 5th February 2020


Words can't describe how pleased we are with our child's progress. In such a short time, he has achieved leaps and bounds, and gone far beyond our expectations. Rosehill has been a saviour for us and we are so so grateful for the support. Thank you so much


Governor - 3rd February 2020


Please thank your team and pupils for the warm welcome I received when conducting a Health & Safety inspection at Rosehill today. I am very pleased to say that everyone I spoke to was very engaged and knowledgeable of the policies and procedures. I also want to congratulate Cavan and his team on maintaining, cleaning and caring for the school and it's environment


Prospective Teacher - 29th January 2020


Thank you for my visit - fantastic to see your school and meet lots of the lovely students


Good Shepherd School Observation - 24th January 2020


I observed a lower school class. I met with staff and students, and gained knowledge of children's needs and strategies. I have some great ideas to feedback to my colleagues. Thank you so much


Transform Trust - 22nd January 2020


We worked with 2 groups of students today doing some creative activities. It was really lovely to meet students and staff, and are really looking forward to returning to continue the project


Researcher - 13th January 2020


Visited to discuss a research project. Lovely school. I hope to be back in the near future


Nottingham College Assessor - 13th January 2020


As an assessor, I have been to Rosehill to observe one of my students. I am amazed at the professionalism from the staff. A perfect role model to my students, you all do an amazing job at the school


Parent & Governor - 6th January 2020


Wonderfully caring and patient staff - thank you for all your time spent with my child


Sleep Practitioner - 6th January 2020


Friendly staff and great to see how the school works

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