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Science Long-Term Plans

Further Information and Evidence of Impact

Science LAB_13

Over the last few years, Rosehill has been involved in a Whole School Science Project called Lab_13. The focus has been on Light and Dark and pupils have been encouraged to develop their curiosity through a range of activities. These include; Exploring objects on a Light Box, looking at different colours using the OHP, exploring torches, exploring UV objects and looking at paint under different lights. In 2018, students from Nottingham University brought to school an Inflativerse to Rosehill (a Giant Dome mimicking a night’s sky). All classes had the opportunity to explore the dome and many students were interested and engaged with the experience. All students have attended Science Lab_13 sessions on a weekly basis. At the end of the Christmas term, teachers chose two students from their class, who particularly engaged in the project, to continue. These pupils spent more time in Lab_13 developing their interest in scientific enquiry and building on their knowledge of light and dark to learn about Earth and Space.


Achievements/ Impact:

  • All pupils have been able to access the sessions
  • Most pupils have experienced different concepts, tools, and techniques of scientific inquiry
  • The majority have developed their curiosity and interest in a range of scientific activities
  • Pupils who have showed a particular interest in Lab_13 identified which themes they enjoy the most and have continued their learning in class using skills learnt
  • Pupils from class 4 particularly enjoyed learning about forces and they have been involved in making toy cars in class
  • Pupils from class 1 showed great curiosity in the light box and they have been looking at Light and Dark using a Dark Den in class and the mini-mile
  • Several students from Class 10 have taken ownership for documenting progress and achievements and have made an evidence book to demonstrate this
  • As a result, the project the majority of pupils showed an increase in confident when exploring different materials
  • The majority of pupils have showed an increased interest in new activities linked to the science Lab_13 environment

Learning about Gases in Lab 13

For further information about our Science Curriculum, please contact:

Ian Wolstenholme I.wolstenholme@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk

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