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As you are now spending all day at home, you will likely be spending more time online.

You should consider the ways you can stay safe and maintain a healthy relationship with the internet by doing the following:


  • Having tech-free mealtimes
  • Not keeping your phone or tablet in your bedroom
  • Before contacting any friends using a device, ensuring you have asked your parents and that they have made sure the right settings have been applied to your account to keep you safe
  • If you are contacting anyone by phone or video, make sure you do it in a family space
  • Making sure you have the right settings applied to the apps and websites you use, so you don’t see anything you don’t want to and can limit who can contact to you
  • Making sure you know how to report anything on the apps you use
  • Telling your parents if you are worried about anything you have seen online.

Safeguarding your child online


Safeguarding pupils in school extends to pupils using communication technology by way of our computer network. We work hard to ensure our pupil’ access to the world wide web is safe and level appropriate. Our connection to the internet has filters in place to avoid access to inappropriate sites and material and is monitored regularly by our staff and IT lead.


Online Safeguarding is an important part of the Rosehill School ethos


This page will help provide information and advice for pupils and parents about keeping safe online. It will be reviewed and updated in line with our Local Authority’s guidance, Effective E-Safety Practice for Schools and support the Government’s vision for improving online safety.


As technology is playing a bigger part in our pupils’ lives and the access to uncontrolled internet content forever on the increase, it is becoming ever more important that we need to keep children safe from online threats through promoting Online Safeguarding. We need to ensure that we are all aware of the risks involved and are being safe when using the internet. We will continue to educate our pupils via their assemblies, information sharing and displays and in class on the importance of safety online.


Technology enhances learning and schools can do much to ensure pupils get the most from it by encouraging responsible online behaviour. On this page you will find links to some very useful websites, resources and documents which are available for download. These will provide you with information on all you need to know in order to stay safe online and have fun surfing! These resources will hopefully educate pupils and parents on how to improve and maintain the safety of their online presence.

Please click on the link below to access Rosehill's E-Safety Policy

Please find below E-Safety information and websites that promote good E-Safety practices.

How keep children safe when using different apps

E-Safety rules

You can also find below our E-Safety song, put together by the very talented pupils in Middle School!

Tell Someone - An E-Safety Song

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Here are some external websites with lots of advice regarding E-Safety