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Physical Education (Including Dance & Movement)

PE Long-Term Plans

Introduction to Dance and Movement


At Rosehill School, we recognise the importance that creative arts have in the life of all pupils. We combine the subjects of Art, Music, Dance, Movement and Drama to form a comprehensive and exciting approach to developing all pupils’ creativity that builds on their strengths and interests. Our purpose built facilities and resources in the central school include a large, multi-purpose Art Studio and a newly developed Movement and Dance Studio with mirrored walls. In the Primary and Middle School, the classroom teachers deliver Creative Arts whereas in the Upper School, subject specialists in Art, Drama, and Music teach students. Creative Arts takes on a very multi-sensory approach, particularly for pupils with sensory impairments.




We encourage our pupils to express themselves and their individuality. Dance and drama gives our pupils the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their creative talents. As with all arts, dance and drama involves imagination and feeling, and helps pupils make sense of the world. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop children’s social interaction skills and understanding.


Movement to music can be a very creative, stimulating and enjoyable activity for many pupils, and is often an opportunity to work with pupils of different ages. Enthusiasm is driven by the different types of music and often an outside focus such as pompoms, ribbons, flags, scarves, etc. It focuses on developing spatial awareness in the room and around others, as well as body awareness and the basic gross motor skills and coordination. Pupils engage in interaction with others and develop their self-esteem as they learn routines and initiate improvisations. Pupils also develop their auditory processing skills, attention span, and rhythm throughout consistent lessons.




We integrate movement and dance into our topic approach. It is integrated through both the PE and arts curriculum.


Dance and movement is an opportunity to express yourself, stimulating creativity and imagination. It has been an important element of many communication sessions within our MILE.


At Rosehill, drama can be used at every level of development to promote self-awareness and social skills in a child with autism. Drama is suitable for all pupils using role-play, storytelling, and improvisation to encourage language, communication, and social interaction. With its focus on ‘Life as Art’, drama provides a way of presenting life experiences in small digestible chunks in which a child with autism can more easily engage.

Further Information and Evidence of Impact

For further information about our PE Curriculum, please contact:

Sports Coach - Emma White E.White@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk

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