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School Council, Primary Parliament & Social Action Projects

Our School Council 2023 - 2024

Our School Council

At Rosehill School, we actively engage pupils as participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to their school and local community.


Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils and it gives children and young people the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. 



Who is the Student Council?

The Rosehill School Council is made up of elected representatives from different classes, across the school.


Their role is to represent the views of pupils in their department/ Key Stage, to celebrate what is working well and to discuss ideas on how to improve our school.


The Student Council gives pupils the opportunity to play an active role in decisions that affect them. They plan and review the actions taken as well as taking responsibility for how these will happen.


The School Council provides a meaningful way in which all pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions that impact them.


Roles and Responsibilities

The Student Council have elected a Chair and a Vice Chair who support the overall decision making process. The members of the Student Council, work in collaboration with the Headteacher, and the Governing Body. 


All members have the opportunity to:


  • Express both their own views and those of other pupils.
  • Communicate pupils’ thoughts and feelings with the school leaders.
  • Attend regular meetings.
  • Actively engage in creating positive changes.


Why join the School Council?

Pupil’s voice encourages children and young people to become active members of a democratic society.


The Council help develop skills, such as collaboration and communication, and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their decisions.


Pupils involved in making decisions benefit in a variety of different ways: increased confidence, self-esteem, ability and a greater sense of responsibility.


How to join the Student Council

  • Every pupil has a chance to apply to join the Student Council
  • Fill in the application form and leave it in the Student Council box by 1 October
  • You can ask peers or adults to help you or chose one of the alternative formats


Even if you choose not to say much, or if you need a little time to share your views with others, you will learn in an environment where you can be confident that your input is valued and respected.

Listening to all Pupils

We try to ensure that all pupils have their views listened to and often acted upon. What pupils have told us has impacted on many areas of the school life. For example we have developed our Woodland Walk to offer a relaxing and creative outdoor learning experience, as well improving the schools MILE (immersive room), to offer a fun and creative virtual environment.

Having a Positive Impact on the Wider Community 

One of their key areas of the Student Council is to decide upon activities for charity events and fundraising projects, including inviting visitors and arranging activities.


Another role is as tour guides for visitors. They are keen to tell visitors the things that they have changed to make our school a better place!


Student Council members are also invited to write and ask questions and become part of the recruitment process of new staff.


They hold regular meetings to collect ideas and have influenced decision making at City wide level feeding back to Councillors and Directors. 


The Student Council provide regular feedback to the Governing Board, and parents through surveys and reports.  

For further information about our School Council please contact our Citizenship Lead, Aimee:

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