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"Caring about learning, learning about caring"

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Parent - 12th December 2018

Rosehill is fantastic! Love everything about the staff, the school and their ethics. So glad my sons got in.


Parent - 23rd November 2018

It's nice to have a day off work and be able to attend the siblings meeting. Lovely to meet other parents and share experiences.


Visiting Professional - 19th November 2018

What a fantastic school! ~The passion from the staff was obvious to all.


Access external audit - 8th November 2018

School with a heart - Amazing, superb facilities and such caring staff. Spent a very interesting visit. Thank you. Wonderful, inspiring head.


Ex-Pupil - 6th November 2018

I used to come here many years ago and have many fond memory's of the place. I was made to feel very welcome here and it was a pleasure and a joy to come back here again.


Parent - 9th October 2018

Good session. Very informative. will help with communication, in making choices and encourage my son to indicate needs etc thanks.


Visiting Professional - 5th October 2018

Lovely school with great places for the children to learn and develop.


Parent - 28th September 2018

I love this school, the staff are wonderful, they do an amazing for the children in their care, god bless this school.


Parent - 28th September 2018

The staff are lovely and my son has come a long way since joining the school.


Service Manager for Safeguarding Partnerships - 19th September 2018

What a pleasure it has been to visit this school. An incredible meeting with a dedicated Teacher.


Director of Education Services 14th September 2018

Thank you for sharing with me your wonderful school. I love meeting pupils and staff and feel very inspired at all the fabulous work you do together.


Visiting Professional - 23rd July 2018

I came to visit a class; I was bowled over by the skills and professionalism of staff. Staff have a wonderful partnership with the pupils.


Relationships and Sex Education Day - Clinical Health Lead - 28th June 2018

Well done everyone, what a fantastic day celebrating 'Friendships'.

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