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Computing & E-Safety



At Rosehill computers and related technologies are often used throughout the school and play an invaluable part in the education of all the children. The majority of classes have a Smartboard that allow all pupils to access lessons via resources shown on an interactive computer screen. IT is used in the majority of subjects to engage and motivate pupils and allow them access to a wide range of environments. To ensure that all pupils have equal access to IT, Green screens, Cameras and IPods are available.  We also use IPads across the school and are finding these to be fantastic devices to motivate and engage many students, many of whom would struggle to interact with a traditional computer. The MILE has recently been refurbished to include Immersive Technology in which pupils can interact with a wide range of interactive scenes. This is used to complement the teaching of computing and other subjects across the curriculum.




Computing as a separate subject, is taught in our fully equipped IT suite. We are also endeavouring to ensure that our students are digitally literate and aware how to safely use and operate a range of devices and equipment. In a world where computers play integral part in more and more of our daily activities it is imperative that students leave Rosehill with the knowledge of how to use such technologies safely and wisely.


At Rosehill, Computing enables pupils to develop skills to prepare them for the digital world. It is approached in a practical child centred manner, which makes it accessible to all pupils. Our pupils expand their knowledge and understanding of the world by being actively involved in experiencing, investigating, manipulating, and using information and technology in a variety of forms including; text, symbols, sound, graphics, photographs, music and video.


Computing is integrated and embedded throughout the curriculum to provide pupils with meaningful and personalised learning experiences. In addition to this, the MILE offers our pupils stimuli provided by a range of ICT. Our pupils gain self-confidence, communication skills, gross and fine motor skills, problem-solving skills and a wide range of abilities and knowledge needed to enable them to take their place in today's society.


As a tool to enable access to, and support learning across the wider curriculum, Computing helps our pupils take greater responsibility for their own learning, planning and organising their ideas and presenting them creatively using a variety of media.


As part of the Computing curriculum, pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe when using the internet to support them in becoming responsible global citizens.

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    For further information regarding our Computing curriculum, please contact:

    Caroline Watson C.Watson@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk

    Shona King s.king@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk

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