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"Caring about learning, learning about caring"

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Curriculum Vision and Philosophy of Education

Our Curriculum Vision


Rosehill aims to deliver an enriching, challenging and highly personalised curriculum that promotes learners to achieve the best possible outcomes and reflects the world they live in today.


Through inclusive cross-curricular and engaging experiences, pupils will foster a passion for learning, developing them academically, socially, emotionally and physically, in order to fulfil their true potential and participate fully in society.


Rosehill’s Philosophy of Education – “10 Strands of Outcomes and Progress”


We place a balanced emphasis on the academic learning and progress that our pupils make, as well as their personal development, communication, social interaction, behaviour, emotional wellbeing, sensory regulation, health and physical development, independence and skills for living (we recognise that one affects the other – e.g. Sensory dysregulation can affect the ability to engage in learning). The school values parents and carers support and works in partnership with families and extended services.


We believe that our pupils need to have all aspects (the 10 Strands) of their life catered for in order to communicate as confident individuals and interact with the people around them, to stay safe and healthy as responsible citizens and to be successful learners, and to do things for themselves and make good choices. We believe this approach will enable our pupils to successfully move onto their next phase of learning and adulthood.

For further information about the Curriculum at Rosehill School please contact The Curriculum Manager, Jo Ritchie (Assistant Headteacher) J.Ritchie@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk

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