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Rosehill School

"Caring about learning, learning about caring"

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Vision, Values & Aims

Our Culture - The positive environment we create


Rosehill is a special place where everyone is valued and treated with dignity and respect. It is a place where we learn, care, enjoy and achieve success together. We invest hugely in the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff, and place great importance on promoting an inclusive culture and strong Learning Community.


We value and seek meaningful collaboration, which maximise opportunities to drive our schools’ vision and aims. Through our partnership work, we create a strong sense of community spirit, and promote awareness and understanding of Autism to further support our pupils to break down barriers, to excel and to lead fulfilling lives.


Our school motto is, ‘Caring about Learning, Learning about Caring’



Our Mission - What drives us every day


All children and young people are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they achieve their best, become confident individuals living fulfilling lives and make a successful transition into adulthood. We realise that being supported towards greater independence and employability would be life transforming and at Rosehill this support starts early. With high aspirations, and the right support, we believe that all children and young people can go on to achieve successful long-term outcomes in adult life.


We work with families, local authorities, and other partners to enable our pupils to realise their ambition in relation to:


  • Wellbeing - Being confident, happy and successful learners who are proud of all their achievements
  • Personal development - Developing strong characteristics which will enable them to apply their learning, preparing them to live life in modern Britain; Resilience, Motivation, Confidence, Responsibility and Independence
  • Fulfilment - At Rosehill, education is delivered in a way that combines focus on the academic progress, specialist learning support (i.e., therapeutic), as well as development of essential life skills that enrich pupils’ lives and helps them to reach their true potential
  • Staying safe and healthy - They are able to stay safe and healthy, socially, emotionally and physically and make good choices about their life and the future
  • Communication - They achieve the highest level of communication and have choice, control and freedom over their lives and the support they need
  • Independence – Being responsible citizens who contribute to the school and wider community
  • Employability – Exploring, planning and enjoying meaningful pathways into adulthood



Our Vision - The impact we want to make


It is our vision to provide a specialist provision that enables every learner to achieve the best possible outcomes in learning, social and emotional wellbeing, in order to fulfil their true potential and participate fully in society.


Children, young people and their families will have a voice, be listened to, included and empowered, and have access to the right support, at the right time, from the right people.


With high aspirations, and the right support, we believe that all of our pupils can go on to achieve successful long-term outcomes in their adult life.



Our Values - The targets that guide us in our learning, our work and our life at Rosehill School


Recognise our personal achievements and reach our potential

Overcome our barriers to learning

Succeed in our aspirations and be safe and healthy

Enjoy school, have fun and make good friendships

Help and care for others and be active citizens

Interact and communicate positively with others

Learn well today and every day and prepare well for our futures

Live fulfilling lives and look forward to tomorrow



Our Aims and Implementation - What we strive to do and how we plan to do it


  • Creating a positive safeguarding culture where safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility; we will ensure our strategy, structure, systems, staff skills and care provision are effective through the ongoing work of our Designated Safeguarding Leads, policies, procedures, monitoring, training and communication for all employees (volunteer/paid), and by working closely with relevant services and families
  • Ensuring each pupil achieves the best outcomes regardless of individual starting points and they are prepared for adulthood; we will support our pupils to develop the highest possible personal standards of work, behaviour, engagement in learning and independence through high-quality, creative planning and teaching
  • Rosehill School is an inclusive school; we will teach and promote positive behaviour, fairness, social inclusion and equality. School rules will be clear and all members of the school community will have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour
  • Delivering a highly organised and creative curriculum designed to be broad, balanced, coherent and interactive; we will deliver holistic and personalised approaches of learning, tailored resources and therapeutic support across a wide range of learning situations, to meet the developmental needs of differing learner profiles. We will teach our pupils the concepts, knowledge and skills to be confident, independent and resilient learners
  • Pupils strive to achieve their best; we will inspire the pupils to be active members of the school and wider community though a wide range of initiatives such as our leadership programmes - Student Council, Class Ambassadors and Primary Parliament
  • Developing independence and problem-solving skills; we will offer all pupils appropriate and meaningful opportunities to practice, rehearse and to generalise their learning. We will explicitly teach the skills needed for creating creative, critical thinkers and reasoning. We will allow them to take ownership of their learning, to have choice, and to plan activities. We will encourage peer leadership and team work
  • A happy, caring, safe and enabling environment, modified to meet the varying needs of the pupils; we will promote an atmosphere of friendliness, positivity and professionalism which promotes respect. A culture where all members of the school community are promoted to, and feel confident to share their views. We will harness the safe use of technologies to enhance and extend learning. Pupils will be taught how to stay safe (including online) and to know how/where to get help if needed
  • Promoting social and cultural diversity so that everyone feels valued and respected; we will celebrate equality, diversity and the success of each individual, for example through assemblies, awards, qualifications. We will provide pastoral support to promote pupils’ spiritual, cultural, social and moral development
  • Meaningful mental health and wellbeing experiences/support; we will promote positive health and wellbeing of our school community through our Fair Workload Charter, Wellbeing Champions initiative and health care provision. We will teach our pupils about personal care and safety so that they develop their knowledge of positive health and make informed choices about their physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Equipping pupils with effective communication skills; we will use a total communication approach within an enabling environment. We will promote social communication and a love of reading, stories and books
  • Enriching pupils’ personal development and cultural capital; we will enable our pupils to discover new and exciting concepts, which promote pastime interests and develop their life skills through a broad range of rich and varied life skills and enrichment opportunities, i.e., outdoor education, which promotes independence
  • Committed, forward looking and energetic staff who work relentlessly to ensure all pupils receive the very best education possible and the highest levels of safeguarding; we will provide high-quality CPD and training which equips our staff with the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality teaching and learning and to help remove any barriers faced by the pupils
  • Leaders who have a strategic, long-term vision and commitment to creating a culture of continuous improvement as a strong ‘Learning as a Community’; Leaders are relentless in their drive to get the best for your children. We will foster and embed a culture of professional learning within and between NST schools and across the SEND landscape. We will collaborate with a wide range of agencies and services, complete research, training and CPD. We will build effective partnerships with our families and the school’s wider community and advocate for the ongoing support, interventions and transitions of the pupils

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