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"Caring about learning, learning about caring"

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Art Projects at Rosehill

Rosehill and the Nottingham Playhouse (Alls Well That Ends Well)

Working in collaboration with the Nottingham Playhouse Rosehill have produced a production of Alls well that ends well

Makers of Imaginary Worlds and Rosehill

Rosehill and the Nottingham Playhouse (Romeo and Juliet 2023)

Rosehill does it again! Enjoy our production of Romeo and Juliet in collaboration with The Nottingham Playhouse!

Rosehill Sophie Ryder Exhibition

Rosehill pupils enjoyed a day at Lakeside being curious about the art of Sophie Ryder and enjoying a workshop with artist Elaine Winter.

Rosehill and Usha

Usha Mahenthiralingam came to Rosehill to share, teach and help us create some amazing textiles.

Rosehill School (The Tempest)

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