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The Mile

The Multi-Interactive Learning Environment (M.I.L.E)


The MILE is a physical space that is used to promote multi sensory learning. The MILE is a medium for communication. It centres on multi sensory stimulation offering a demand free choice driven, meaning and motivating environment accessible to all pupils. The fundamentals of communication are taught using Intensive Interaction.


The MILE is used creatively to promote leisure and interaction which enables pupils to have choice and freedom to interact and explore equipment and interact with staff and peers. The ‘Interactive Cube’ and colour selector and other MILE equipment enable the pupils to change and control their environment and explore cause and affect type activities. 


Massage and therapy based activities are used to promote wellbeing and relaxation which prepares our pupils for the challenges of the day.


Topic related sessions promote learning and development particular in the direction of engagement and learning through the senses. The MILE will enhance education for many pupils make topics accessible; unlocking the talents they have, regardless of age or ability. Lessons can be created to appeal to an individual’s learning needs and help them achieve their goals through exaggerated learning experiences.


Whilst the MILE creates an environment where learning is fun for pupils, it also encourages teachers to let their creativity flow via a cross curricular approach. If you are teaching Geography imagine being in the middle of the Rainforest surrounded by dense greenery while listening to the sounds of birds moving in the undergrowth, the wind may be blowing through the trees and you may smell lush fauna all around you. There are animals ahead, what do we do next……..?

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