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The Mile

Welcome to our MILE (Multi Immersive Learning Environment)


The MILE’s Journey  

In 2005, Rosehill opened the MILE, a physical space that is used to promote multi-sensory learning. This area is accessed by every pupil at the school, and is a much-loved teaching and learning resource. Over the past few years pupils, teachers and governors set about exploring new and creative ways for developing the MILE so that the multi-sensory experience further enhanced Rosehill’s curriculum offer. As a result of our rigorous research and collaborative planning, in 2020 the MILE was remodelled, and we are now equipped with a state-of-the-art Immersive Room.


By broadening the typical learning environment beyond the classroom, the MILE’s new immersive technology will elevate young minds, developing pupils’ thinking skills, imagination and understanding of the wider world, by providing endless opportunities for exploration and interaction. 


The Immersive Technology

Within the MILE there is a 360-degree immersive stimulation, where children can be surrounded by floor to ceiling images, creating a virtual world to explore and learn.


The immersive software gives us complete control over the immersive environment. Whatever education experience we want to create, our software is fully adaptable and allows us to bring our ideas to life. This enables staff to deliver trips and visits to places all over the World and beyond. In certain scenes the room can be set up to interact with children as they touch objects and items on the walls. This multi-touch feature, enables learners to engage with, and control/influence their learning experience in a meaningful way, developing motivation, interaction and problem-solving skills.


The room also features an integrated sound system, and we have created a bank of resources including objects of reference (linked to topics and themes of learning) to add extra layers of detail to provide a truly immersive experience.


Whether the curriculum is focusing on the Seasons, Paralympic Games, Space, Underwater, or anything else you can think of, the Immersive Room will take you there.


The intent, is for the MILE to be used as a teaching tool, used creatively to offer a unique experience to learners, embracing them in an immersive environment that inspires creativity, captures imaginations and developing spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


The software gives teachers creative freedom to create a unique and fun learning experience for their pupils that will enable them to learn new skills and knowledge, and help generalise and maintain skills. Whether they want to learn about walking safely to the local park or travelling on a bus, experience the sounds associated with visiting the hairdressers or dentist, learn historical events and people and places of interest, or learn to read a story (whilst sitting in the jungle!), the virtual environment has the capability to offer a choice driven, meaningful and motivating teaching and learning experience.


The MILE immersive learning space is fully inclusive and accessible for all learning abilities.


The flexibility of the MILE means that scenarios can be controlled in a variety of ways for pupils of all abilities to enjoy. Whether the environment needs to be soothing or stimulating, the space can be adapted to suit the individual needs of pupils (special education learning). This means that all pupils will have choice and freedom to interact and explore, with staff and peers, in a way that’s ‘just right’ for them as an individual.


The MILE is a fantastic curriculum aid and learning tool and is a unique feature of our outstanding school.

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