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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Rosehill is an exciting place to visit and an even more fascinating place to learn!


Our Early Years Curriculum follows the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and subsequent guidelines and research for children’s learning and development. Our plans and activities take into account how each child develops, their strengths, challenges, ways of learning and what we can do to address the barriers around physical, emotional, sensory, communication, health and medical needs. We work closely with colleagues in the medical and therapy teams in order to achieve progress.


We recognise that children’s Personal, Social and Emotional development underpins all subsequent learning and work hard to ensure children develop high levels of confidence, independence and self-awareness. Children respond well to our routines designed to enhance their social skills and life skills and are supported in developing understanding of the rules we have and why they are important, both in school and within the wider community as it becomes appropriate to their understanding. This includes who can help us if we are experiencing difficulties or problems and how they help us.


Children are offered a variety of play experiences and stimuli in order to promote communication and language development and understanding and listening skills throughout the day. We work closely with our speech and language team to ensure maximum progress for each individual. Children have access to communication aids where appropriate.


Our sessions will often involve various aspects of learning, as we seek to make connections between experiences and knowledge for children working at often early levels of development.


Our children take part in a range of opportunities designed to develop their English skills such as regular sensory stories, singing, music time and regular trips out in the local community such as walking to the park. We spend time with our children developing their early mathematical skills through play such as sorting and categorising, early counting and using number names as well as exploring concepts such as pattern, capacity and shape.


Our planning always takes into account children’s unique needs and our carefully planned individual and small group activities enable our children to make progress across all areas of learning. We regularly consult with our Occupational Therapist to ensure our children are being provided with appropriate challenge within their physical development based on their individual requirements. At a level appropriate to their stage of understanding, our children are also offered opportunities to develop their comprehension of the world around them and the different communities we see in Britain today. Exploring events and celebrations that are important to different communities, how events are celebrated, why and how they link to the child’s own beliefs are investigated in ways that help children learn acceptance and understanding of our world.


We recognise that parents are the experts on their own children and as such we take the parental voice very seriously. Parent partnership is very important at Rosehill School and we encourage parents to support their child’s initial transition into Early Years education by attending with their child, where possible at the beginning, to help them to settle in. Parents will be able to help the staff team get to know their child by sharing information through conversations with both their child’s class teacher and key staff who will ensure children build positive and warm relationships within the school environment, that their individual care needs are met and they have a smooth transition and successful relationships between home and school. 


The class teacher will usually make a home visit or detailed phone call prior to your child starting school to provide parents with opportunities to get to know us and to ask any questions you may have. Seeing your child in their home environment provides us with the opportunity to see how your child interacts with you at home and enables us to get to know them a little more.


We keep in touch with parents through our daily home/school diaries and encourage parents to regularly share their news through this too. We love to share special or important experiences that happen at school and hope that you will share things as they happen within your family with us. There are also many opportunities for parents to come to school and to take part in special events or activities, including parent’s coffee morning and information sharing workshops.


Our Early Years class is the start of your child’s new and exciting educational journey. We love what we do, and we aim to have an extremely enjoyable time working and learning together.


For further information about The EYFS Curriculum, please contact Katie Stevenson, Primary Phase Leader k.stevenson@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk  

To view our EYFS Policy, Curriculum and Curriculum Projects, please follow the links below.

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