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Parent Governor Recruitment



Are you a parent or carer who would consider joining the Governing Body, and helping move the school forward?


The School is looking to recruit a Parent Governor to join the Governing Body.  The role of a Parent Governor is important in the life and development of Rosehill School. You would join the Governing Body, in deciding the policies that will be implemented by the Headteacher and staff for the benefit of the school community.  It is challenging, but rewarding to know that you have really contributed to the education of the pupils and the life of the staff and the school.


Your commitment would be to attend two meetings each term and to read the papers. Of course, you will be a welcome figure within the school at any time, and most Governors commit to one or two visits per year.


Some Governors also sit on the sub - committees for finance and personnel. Governors with expertise in finance, personnel, marketing and fundraising would be very welcome. This would potentially require attendance at a further meeting per term.


All parents over the age of 18 are eligible (see attached) to stand for election and to vote with the exception of:

  • Those who are elected members of the Nottingham City Council
  • Those who are employed to work at the school for more than 500 hours in an academic year
  • Those who are ineligible.  Please see attached guidance on persons disqualified from holding or from continuing to hold office as a governor or associate member


There is no payment for the role of Governor, but there is an immense satisfaction to be gained by contributing to the education of children and young people at Rosehill School. We very much appreciate the time given by Governors, who take their role seriously.


Applications are therefore invited from any parent or carer who has a child currently on roll at the school.


How to apply


If there is more than one nomination then elections will be held. If only one nomination is received, this person will be appointed to the Governing Body.


The forms and information can be found at the following link


Click Here

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