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Coronavirus Advice


The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and is taking action at home and abroad. The overall risk of Coronavirus to the UK remains moderate. However we understand that people may be concerned where there are children, students or staff returning from or visiting China. Public Health England and the Foreign Office have issued advice. This can be found at:



Advice given to the school for our parents/carers from the local authority

You should not be unduly worried about the possibility of your children catching the Coronavirus. There is no reason why your children should not continue to attend their school setting as normal.

Schools should approach the virus like any other infectious disease and the following action should be taken:


  • To prevent the spread of infection


A UK-wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Schools are encouraged to support the campaign and promote the following practices:

  • Promoting good hand hygiene with the whole school community  
  • Catching coughs or sneezes with tissues, then throwing the tissue in a bin
  • Avoiding close contact with people who are unwell
  • Promoting good cleaning procedures




  • What to do if someone becomes unwell and believes they have been exposed to Coronavirus


Schools should dial 111 (or 999 if a person is seriously ill or their life is at risk) and, if appropriate, explain which country the individual has returned from in the last 14 days.

Whilst waiting for advice or an ambulance to arrive, the person should be kept at least two metres away from other people. If possible, they should be sat in a room where they can be isolated behind a closed door, e.g. a staff meeting room. The room must be cleaned once they leave.

If they have to use the bathroom whilst waiting, they should use a separate bathroom to other people.

Pupils must be told that they need to tell a member of staff if they feel unwell.


  • What to do if you have travelled to an affected area


If a person has arrived back from China or any other part of the world within 14 days, they should follow the specific advice for returning travellers, available here.


Further information


The DfE and Public Health England have issued guidance to schools regarding the virus and the school will pass on this information as we are updated.  

Further information on the prevention and control of Coronavirus can be found here.


We also have a page on our website which we will keep up to date regarding the Coronavirus


This can be found here

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