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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

We recognise that children and young people attending Rosehill School have specific, diverse and individual needs and our curriculum aims to reflect and meet these.


The intent of the Curriculum is to enable all pupils to be active learners, moving towards independence, autonomy, control and choice, and that they learn to effectively communicate as confident individuals, stay safe and healthy and become responsible citizens, ultimately fulfilling their aspirations.


Our Curriculum Framework outlines how the school provides teaching and learning opportunities that are essential for the learning and development of all children and young people at Rosehill so they are instrumental in developing their own personal development and transition pathways.


Curriculum Routes

The curriculum is organised into three Curriculum Routes;


  • Route 1 - The Discovery Curriculum (for pupils working within/across the Engagement Steps and Progression Pathway 1)


  • Route 2 -  The Explorers Curriculum (for pupils working within/across Progression Pathways 2-4, which includes the pre-key stage standards) 


  • Route 3 - The Investigators Curriculum (for pupils working within/across Pathways 5-6, which includes the pre-key stage standards and the National Curriculum objectives)


The Routes can overlap to allow for sequence and progression. The transitions between routes can be gradual and there are no distinct boundaries between them.


This approach enables learning to be tailored to meet the developmental needs of differing learner profiles and offers all pupils appropriate and meaningful opportunities to practice, rehearse and to generalise their understanding and commit learning to their long-term memory. The emphasis is on building routine and structure, which enables learners to use more of their working memory in order to undertake learning tasks.


Curriculum Coverage 

Our newly revised curriculum continues to be delivered through a topic-based approach. Teacher feedback emphasises that their freedom to use the topics creatively to cover areas of the curriculum which are relevant to the children they teach, ensures that there is breadth and balance throughout all subjects across the year.


During our summer 2020 curriculum planning phase, we revised our Curriculum programme to include our 'Recuperation' plans. This covers a wealth of topics and themes that will help address the gaps in children's learning following the lockdown period. Through these exciting first-hand learning experiences learners will:


  • Re-establish friendships, reconnect with staff and work with others
  • Be engaged and inspired, giving them the space to adjust and minimise any disadvantages
  • Continue to develop the skills for learning


How are pupils being challenged through the curriculum?

The whole school curriculum continues to be taught exceptionally well in our school and this will be evidenced through planned assessment, teaching and learning observations, learning walks and monitoring of outcomes. Personal development for children and learners remains high priority and teaching staff will evidence this through a broad range for opportunities; Records of Achievement, Student Council, Assemblies and Gold Awards.


For further information about the Whole School Curriculum Framework and our Recuperation Programme please contact the Curriculum Manager Tamara Riddell (Assistant Head) t.riddell@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk  






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