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Welcome to Class 12 (Crow)

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Meet the staff


Class 12 pupils are supported by one teacher and four teaching assistants.

Picture 1 Tamara Riddell
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Picture 5 Velma Newell

Meet the pupils


We are a class of 9 pupils aged 12-15 years old who enjoy exploring and learning together with our friends in class Crow!


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Our classroom environment


Like the other classes at Rosehill we have a suite of rooms, each with a specific purpose:

  • Group room – for whole group activities including morning group, lessons and small group activites.
  • 1 activity room– for independent/guided work activities, painting and crafts and messy sensory activities. This room is also used for snack and dinner time.
  • 2 work rooms for 1:1 work sessions.
  • 1 balance room – an environment where pupils can relax and take a little time to themselves, interact and communicate with staff or enjoy the equipment on offer.
  • We also have an outside area for outdoor play.

Summer Term 2019 letter to parents



Hello Everyone,


We have already had a busy start of summer term and the first week back has gone quickly!


This term, pupils will be involved in a whole school project called Flight of Dreams. Second week after Easter classes will be accessing Handmade Theatre Sessions devoted to transport and travel. Whole term we will be pretending to travel to different places by different transport and our learning is planned around the project.


In English, the pupils will be reading stories and non-fiction texts about travel, transport and adventure. In Maths, we will be learning about measuring through practical activities, such as packing and weighing suitcases, preparing, counting and learning to use money, learning about temperature in different places. In art and cooking, we will be exploring different countries and places through learning about their art, artists and food.


In the second half of summer term when the weather picks up, we will begin to use public transport in community skills sessions in order to develop confidence in our pupils to use public transport safely. Letters will go home about concessionary bus passes.


Sports Day, Transitions Fair and other exciting events will be also organised this term. There will be one or two reward trips to celebrate pupil achievement – it is this time of the year!



Class Crow team

Class Crow Topic Web and Timetable

Look out for all the great things we do at school!

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Contact form

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact Tamara.