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Our School Council

At Rosehill School, we actively engage pupils as participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to their school and local community.

Our Newly elected School Council represents the views of all our pupils and it gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. 

The Rosehill School Council is made up of elected representatives from different classes, across the school.

Their role is to represent the views of pupils in their department/ Key Stage, to celebrate what is working well and to discuss ideas on how to improve our school.

We are aiming to create change:

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Here are some of our School Council members:

Here are some of our School Council members: 1 Jake - Chair
Here are some of our School Council members: 2 Vicky - Deputy Chair
Picture 1 Will
Picture 2 Cory
Picture 3 Lauren
Picture 4 Patryk

School Council 2018/2019 more information and documents:

Rosehill Nomination and Elections:


During September 2018 the whole Rosehill Staff team were asked to nominate pupils for the new School Council; Jake received 7 votes. Therefore, he has automatically been awarded:

Chairman of Rosehill School Council.

The reasons for these nominations were:

  • Jake has lots of very good fresh ideas

  • He is able to share his ideas

  • He will represent his peers well

  • Jake will be able to be a voice on behalf of the other pupils

  • Being in the Student Council will help to develop his confidence

  • Jake will enjoy interacting and working with pupils from across the school

  • He will be amazing!




See below for the results of our School elections...

Primary Parliament

Primary Parliament  1
Primary Parliament  2
Primary Parliament  3
Primary Parliament  4
Primary Parliament  5

For further information about our School Council please contact our Citizenship Lead Katie Tomlinson: