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Promoting Pupil Voice at Rosehill School


At Rosehill the majority of students have very limited or no verbal language. Our eclectic Communication Curriculum, moving from intensive interaction through to signs, symbols, photographs, pictures, PECs and incorporating, where appropriate for individual students, augmentative communication methods is used to great effect to support and enable students' receptive understanding and expressive communication. We try to develop pupil voice within the classroom, across and outside the school during every day through regular opportunities:


  • through making choices (e.g. during lessons at snack and lunch times);
  • through making decisions in concrete situations that are immediately and personally relevant to them i.e. following visual timetables
  • through music in all its wonderful forms and including music interaction
  • through the use of microphones and switches
  • through the development of peer advocacy
  • through friends


For more information about Pupil Voice, please take a look at all of our wonderful achievements within class areas on the school website and whole school projects and curriculum activities.


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Young Persons Guide to the Children and Families Act