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Humanities - History & Geography

At Rosehill School, Humanities incorporates both History and Geography.



At Rosehill School, the study of History provides opportunities for the pupils to experience and, where appropriate, to develop some understanding of events and people of different times and places. History enriches the curriculum by offering our pupils to be actively involved in exploring the world around them. This is achieved through exploring and handling artefacts, visiting places (locally and further afield), stories, books, photos and through practical craft like activities linked to particular topics.


Learning about the past, how it has influenced and shaped our lives, beliefs, and customs, helps pupils to make sense of the world in which they live. Through the teaching of history, we can structure and expand our pupils' knowledge and understanding of the past and encourage their investigation of it.


At Rosehill, this is approached in a practical child centred manner. It is the study of the relevant past, with pupils being actively involved, experiencing, investigating, and using a range of sources of information. The pupil is the investigator and their task is to progressively investigate the world beyond themselves.


This approach deliberately ensures the child, the school, the family, the local community and the local area to be the focus of study. Linked with other subjects, history provides a range of experiences and achievements, which contributes to the richness of pupils' lives according to individual needs and abilities.



Geography is essentially about the study of places, the human and physical processes, which shape them, and the people who live in them. Skills developed through geography help pupils to make sense of their surroundings and the wider world. At Rosehill, geography is approached in a practical manner. The child is the explorer and their task is to progressively discover the world beyond themselves. Geography is exciting, enjoyable, and relevant to the explorer. It allows success and generates feelings of worth and wonder.


At Rosehill School, the study of Geography allows our pupils to explore, experience and develop an understanding of such areas as their local environment, e.g. their school, local shops, the weather, jobs, water, maps, directions and exploring the differences between the country and the town. In the Upper School, it is hoped that in the future pupils will be involved in activities to help them develop greater independence.


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