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Design & Technology Curriculum

Design & Technology provides practical learning experiences, which make it accessible to all pupils. Pupils use knowledge and understanding from across the curriculum and apply them in practical activities. D&T gives pupils the opportunity to make choices within a practical learning environment and focuses them on problems that are meaningful to them. It encourages communication using a range of methods avoiding over reliance on the written word. Pupils are able to work within a flexible range of contexts and topics that can be adopted to suit individual interests and motivations. 


Through D&T, pupils are given the opportunity to design, make and evaluate as well as explore and experience the wider world. They may go on visits, look at pictures, DVDs or explore different products through their senses. Designing, taking apart products to explore their components or making products can give pupils a sense of achievement and improve their self-esteem. Pupils benefit from seeing their own progress and taking greater responsibility for their own learning as they begin to evaluate the quality of their work. Pupils' personal involvement with tasks often improves their attention span, persistence and commitment. Food technology and food hygiene are key elements to this curriculum area and are taught throughout the school.


For further information regarding our Design Technology Curriculum, please contact Abigail Purdie A.Purdie@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk