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Curriculum Subjects (What we Teach)

The Rosehill School Curriculum

Rosehill School is very clear that the rationale of our curriculum should be based on the school’s shared vision and values: “Caring about learning, learning about caring”. Using that as a starting point the school community came together to design the curriculum rationale (Summer term 2019). The process centred around dialogue focused on what everyone wanted to achieve for the children and young people in the school and what was involved in providing ambitious high-quality education for learners with autism and associated learning needs. Within this, it was essential that everyone understood the purpose and principles of Curriculum Quality and Excellence therefore all staff were involved in the self-evaluation process, evaluating the current curriculum, identifying best practice and working with the senior leadership team to plan the curriculum. Views were sought from children, parents/carers and the wider school community on what they felt the key features were that brought the curriculum ‘alive’. As a result of this consultation we have further developed our curriculum so that:


  • We know the main aims of our curriculum – our curriculum vision
  • We know what we are trying to achieve – our curriculum design and intent
  • We know how we want to organise learning and our specialist environment – our curriculum implementation
  • We know how well we are achieving our aims – our curriculum impact


To help all pupils, parents and carers and the wider community understand our curriculum rationale we have created a summary 1-page document to guide you through this key information.

For further information about the Whole School Curriculum at Rosehill School please contact The Curriculum Manager Tamara Riddell (Assistant Headteacher): t.riddell@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk