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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

On this page you will find tabs which will link you with information from the School and Government, home learning resources, wellbeing support and contact details for other services if you need further support and advice.



Headteacher Update 22nd September 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I wanted you all to know that the children have had a very good start back to this term, considering all the challenges at present. A very well done to them all for settling in so well!


Please find below, updated information for Rosehill pupils and families. We do hope you find this useful, however if you do have any queries or concerns please contact the school on 0115 9155815.


Since March, we have worked hard as a school team to ensure that we have provided a safe environment for larger groups of children. We will be building on this experience as we open the school to all pupils in September and will endeavour to make the environment as familiar as possible whilst adhering to Government guidance. 


As part of the in-depth planning process, we have carried out comprehensive risk assessments in line with Government guidance. Those risk assessments and the procedures related to them will be reviewed regularly in line with any new guidance. Information within this letter is incorporated into our risk assessment. I have outlined below the key changes. 

1. Pupil Zones - Pupils will be ‘zoned’ according to their school phase (i.e. Primary, Middle, Upper). Within the Zone each class will currently be working in their individual class ‘bubbles’. The zones will not mix indoors and, whilst not reducing pupil’s access to the full curriculum, teachers and teaching assistants will reduce contact between classes, wherever possible. 

2. Staggered break and lunch times – Zones will have breaks at different times of the day.  Primary will have lunch first, and will remain in their department. Middle and Upper School will also continue to eat in their department areas at present. 

3. Start and end of the day drop off times – Morning drop off will begin at 09:00 as usual, and run until 09:30 with staff supporting pupils to use hand sanitiser as they come onto the school site. Pupils will move directly to their classrooms or allocated outside space. If you walk your child to school, please wait at the allocated area, 2m apart. Staff will support your child to enter the school safely. Collection at the end of day will begin at 15:00 and run until 15:30. Pupils will be called to the departure area from their classrooms, so please be patient and follow the directions of the duty staff to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely. As all parents will appreciate, there are many variables to children arriving/departing from school. Therefore, individual letters were sent out before the summer holiday to confirm arrangements. However, if parents/carers require clarification, please contact the school.


4. Increased focus on hand washing and hygienic measures across the school – As was the case before the summer, we will continue to have an increased focus on hand washing and good hygiene throughout the school. Pupils will wash their hands on arrival to school, and will clean their hands regularly at key points throughout the day. Hand sanitiser will be available around the school and in classrooms. Staff will help your child to use this if they need support. Posters will be displayed around the school reminding pupils and staff about the key hygiene messages, such as hand washing, and staff will regularly remind pupils about the importance of good hygiene.


5. Changes to some of the social distancing measure that were in place before summer – We have been able to return all soft furnishings to classrooms, so rooms will be as they were in March. However, there will be a much greater focus on the cleaning of equipment. Equipment that cannot be cleaned between bubble use will be left for a minimum of 72 hours before they are accessed by other pupils.   


6. Changes to the way we manage visitors to the school, meetings and after school events – We will continue to limit the numbers of visitors on site. This includes parents and carers. All meetings/visits must be through a pre-arranged appointment. Where possible, we will try to hold meetings and have visitors on site after school only and Annual Reviews and parent meetings virtually (where possible). If we do have to hold meetings, we will ensure these are in the large meeting rooms, which are well ventilated, with appropriate distancing. We hope these restrictions will ease with time. Currently we are unable to hold assemblies or musical/theatre events. 

7. Phased transition back to school for those who need it – Whilst we know most pupils will be eager to come back and start fully on Thursday 3rd September, some will require a personalised phased approach to returning. We have already discussed and agreed this with some parents. However, if this is something that your child requires, in the first instance please speak to the class teacher about the best way for this to be managed. 


8. Personal belongings – Pupils should continue to bring the minimum number of items possible in to school. Where possible, packed lunches should come in a plastic container. PE kits can be brought into school, but we will be asking parents to wash them regularly.


9. Food arrangements – School meals will return in full and pupils will eat in their usual setting i.e. classrooms/zoned areas. Free School Meals will continue for those pupils entitled to them. Please note, Nottingham City Council have increased the school meals price which is in line with their yearly increase which was not implemented last year. The cost of school meals from September 2020 is £2.25 per day, £11.25 per Week. Dinner money should be sent in weekly.

10. Offsite activities – The Government have stated that school day trips may resume. As I am sure you are aware, much of our curriculum takes place within the local community. Parents will be informed when school trips or off-site activities are taking place. We will follow social distancing rules whilst in the community and all trips will be risk assessed as usual. If we require anything from you to support these activities, the class team will be in touch. 

11.School dress code – We will expect all pupils to wear uniform/school clothes as outlined in our dress code when they return in September.

12. Face Coverings/Masks – At the time of writing this letter, the government is not recommending face coverings as necessary in school where systems of controls are in place (e.g. hygiene measures/ pupils and staff mixing in consistent groups), because misuse may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission and because there may also be negative effects on communication and thus education. The Government have however given discretion to schools regarding face coverings for pupils in Year 7 and above in indoor communal areas where social distancing potentially cannot be maintained. At Rosehill, we are not requesting for face masks to be worn, as we are remaining in zone bubbles at present. However, if you wish to discuss this, please speak with your class teacher in the first instance.

Arrangements for the wearing of face masks will be reviewed weekly with our risk assessment and in line with Government advice.


The full risk assessment can be found at the following link Click Here


I would like to thank you for your continued support throughout this unusual and challenging public health crisis. As always if, you have any questions or queries please do get in touch. I look forward to seeing your child very soon.


These are unprecedented times and they call for very special measures. The guidelines that we have put in place will ensure pupils can safely return to school, and begin to rebuild those direct relationships with their teachers which is so important.


I will of course write to you again, if the plans change as a result of any additional government/ local guidance or should there be a change in circumstances.


All plans will be reviewed by October half term, and parents and carers will be updated at this stage.


Thank you


Rosehill Whole School Risk Assessment (Covid-19)

Rosehill School Sports Week at Home


Our sports lead Emma has put together some sports challenges that you can do at home, we'd love to see photos or videos of you taking part.


The challenges can be found at the following link


Click Here



Further Information for Parents and Carers


There a number of important updates below, so please do read through the information.

The staff at Rosehill are missing our pupils and families very much and wanted to show you all that we are thinking of you and hope you are all safe and well.


Health and Safety Information


Coronavirus Track & Trace Scheme

Responding to the Coronavirus advice from the Government is an obligation on all schools in England. The development of the NHS ‘Track and Trace’ scheme is a key part of the government plan to manage Coronavirus.


As we respond to Government guidance and the wider opening of schools, the safety and well-being of pupils, staff and their families is a priority. Plans to manage a safe return are in place, however our responsibility extends beyond the school gates.

We hold a lot of data and, as part of our statutory duty, it may be necessary for us to share that data on request by Public Health with NHS Track & Trace workers, so that we play our part in making the programme as effective as possible. 


It is likely that we may be asked to provide contact details if a case of Coronavirus or a suspected case arises in our school. There is an obligation to support Government planning and we will provide details if requested to do so.  We will be sharing data on the basis that this is a Public Duty and that, in the case of any health data, it is necessary for the public interest.


We have put a copy of our Coronavirus Track & Trace Privacy Notice on the school website (Click Here)


Could all parents/carers please read this notice, and if they have any questions please contact the school on 0115 9155815.


If you need to book a test for your child please use the following website (Click Here)


Public Transport Face Covering Excemption


Face coverings have now become compulsory when using public transport to help keep yourself and others safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.


However the government understands that wearing a face covering can be difficult for some people so the following groups are exempt and don't have to wear a face covering if it would be difficult to do so.


You will be exempt from wearing a face covering if you:

  • are a child aged 11 or under.
  • have a disability.
  • have a learning disability.
  • have any communication needs that require you to lip read.
  • have a health problem or condition that could be affected by wearing a face covering for example, problems with your breathing.


You can print out and show the following card if you are asked why your child isn't wearing a face covering whilst using public transport.






Social Distancing - a child-friendly animation - explained in one minute

See why it's so important for us all to keep our distance and not give up, to help stop the spread of Covid 19, in this short child-friendly animation about social distancing!


Local Support for Families


Food Banks

For anyone who is currently experiencing difficulties accessing food there are local Food Banks and Community Based Social Eating Projects available. If you need help during COVID-19 you can call the Council on 0115 915 5555 or visit http://nottinghamcity.gov.uk/coronavirus


Food Parcels

We were very honoured to be working with a charity called Sewa Day, This has allowed us to send some food parcels to some of our pupils and these were greatly appreciated! If you feel you and your family would benefit from a food parcel, please contact the school office before Tuesday 4th August - 0115 9155815. To find out more about Sewa Day please click this link


Free School Meals

We have now successfully implemented the free school meal online voucher system introduced by the government through the ‘Voucher Shop’ website. If your child is entitled to a FSM the school will be responsible for ordering your vouchers. Please see the attached FAQs below which should assist you in redeeming the voucher, once you have received your e-code via email. 

For some of you the change in your circumstances may mean that you are now eligible for free school meals. If you are then I would urge you to apply as soon as possible. There is a period of time to get an application processed and even if you do not need to claim free meals for a prolonged period of time, your child will continue to benefit from additional Pupil Premium funding, which can be put towards specific resources or activities that will support their education and development for at least 6 years after you have made the claim.


Please speak with the school office on return in September to check on eligibility.

Free School Meals E-Voucher FAQs


Safeguarding and Health & Safety Information


Safeguarding Support for Families
The school continues to meet regularly with both Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Local Authority to discuss our offer to safely implement the Government guidance at a local level. The School is also in constant communication with: Social Care, the Whole Life Disability Team, Short Breaks, Health, and the SEN Team and this will continue to be the case. Should your position change or you have any questions, require advice, information or support, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  Staff will endeavour to answer your queries and provide further information.

If you have any concerns about a child’s safety or well-being over the summer break, please contact Nottingham City Local Authority 0115 9155555. You can also make a self-referral with Children and Families Direct 0115 8764800.


We also have an updated Safeguarding Policy that applies during the current situation which can be found at the link below

Click Here


Health & Wellbeing Information


Pupil Wellbeing Awards

Last month the Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, John Peace, who is a representative of Her Majesty the Queen awarded each pupil at Rosehill with an extra special certificate thanking them for all their hard work, resilience and enthusiasm during this tricky and unusual time.




Welfare Home Checks

Once again, thank you for answering our calls to check in with you about how you and your

children are managing at this time. Thank you to those of you who have shared photos.  Please follow this link to view the photo gallery https://www.therosehillschool.com/home-learning-photo-gallery-1/


The class team for your child will be maintaining regular contact with you on your child's return, and I would ask that you keep checking for updates through the school website, or any other means of communication that you have established with the class teacher.


Please see the contact details for the Heads of Department for September:


Primary School    

Middle School

Upper School 


If you contact us over the summer break, we will endeavour to get back to on return to school for staff (INSET Day - 1st September 2020).


Families Under Pressure

Please see the following website – https://familiesunderpressure.maudsleycharity.org/  It has information on managing anxiety, negative emotions, boosting positive emotions and how to communicate better with your child. 


Mental Health Information 
We have put together a page with lots of resources, activities, songs and videos. This can be found at the following link


Inclusive African Adventure Yoga for Children, with Makaton

An inclusive children's yoga session, using Makaton sign language. This session will take you on a Yoga journey, all the way to Africa, to look for animals. Click here to view this great resource


Helpful Guide for Families with Disabled Children

Contact have made available a guide for families with disabled children full of information and help. This can be found on their website at the following link


Autism Alert Card
The National Autistic Society have produced a card that you can carry with you that you can show to people if your child becomes anxious or stressed, it includes information about how people with autism may need a little more support. This card can be found at the following link and printed. Click Here   I have now posted out a copy of this card to all families,



Learning & Home Learning


Activities and Resources 
We  have continued to add new and engaging activities; Please follow this link for more information
If parents/carers are struggling to download information from September/work from the website, please call the school office 0115 9155815.


Oak National Academy

The government have also put together the Oak National Academy which has a lot of different learning resources, separated into areas



This resource can be found by clicking this link

E-Safety – Keeping your Child Safe Online
To help keep your child safe at home whilst using the internet, please look at E-safety information
which can be found in the home learning page. This includes guides on how to set up parental controls on devices and how to help your child understand ways they can protect themselves online. 

Cory's Animal Channel

Cory has been working from home and has started his own Animal Channel! Look at the videos at the link below and listen to Cory telling us about the animals.


Click Here


Other News


Government Advice
We are continuing to add additional advice and guidance to our website. These links will be regularly updated, so please keep checking the website. Click on the Government Guidance link below for current advice and information. 


Rosehill Rainbow

The staff and pupils put together a rainbow to thank all the NHS and Key Workers that worked so hard during the Coronavirus crisis.



School website

Please can I remind you to look at the School website for the most up-to-date and accurate information. If you are still unclear, please contact the School.


Please continue to take good care of yourselves and your families and I look forward to welcoming you back into school as soon as we are able to.

Cheryl Steele, Headteacher



Our Home Learning page for pupils can be found at the link below

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline - this helpline has been set up to answer questions about the virus related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline.