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Class 6 (Throne)

Welcome to Class 6 - Throne



In Throne class we have 8 brilliant, hard-working pupils who are developing daily in all areas of the curriculum and working hard at their life skills.   

The class Throne team is ran by Abi, Debbie, Sue, Matt and our midday Pat.



Please check in on this page regularly to see what we have been up to!




Meet the staff team

Meet the staff team 1 Abi - Teacher
Meet the staff team 2 Debbie - Level 3 Teaching assistant
Meet the staff team 3 Sue - Teaching assistant
Meet the staff team 4 Matt - Teaching assistant
Meet the staff team 5 Pat - Midday supervisor

Meet some members of Class Throne


Class 6 has eight KS2 pupils.



Our classroom environment


Like the other classes at Rosehill we have a suite of rooms, each with a specific purpose:

  • Group room – for whole group shared activities including welcome group, curriculum lessons and transition times.
  • 2 work rooms for 1:1 work sessions.
  • Activity room – for curriculum lessons, indoor play and snack time.
  • 1 balance room – an environment where pupils can relax and take a little time to themselves, interact and communicate with staff or enjoy the equipment on offer.
  • 1 playroom - an environment for relaxation and Intensive Interaction sessions.
  • Outdoors, we have an enclosed area for play times.
  • We also have some toilet cubicles, urinals and a Personal care room.




Children in need

Enrichment: Animal care

Please get in touch with Abi if you have any questions or would like to add any comments.