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Class 2 (Rectangle)

Welcome to Class 2 (Rectangles)

Welcome to the area all about Class Rectangles.  In our class there are 8 pupils supported each day by a Teacher and a team of Teaching Assistants. We enjoy being in school and do lots of fun activities every day. We look forward to sharing these with you through home school diaries, phone calls, photographs and videos on our website.



Our Learning Environment

At Rosehill, our staff make sure we provide a language rich environment. We use a 'total communication' approach - our staff will model speech, Makaton signing and symbols and encourage us to use these too. Our staff also carefully consider our sensory needs and make sure our classroom environment reflects these too.


In our classroom we have lots of different rooms that we use throughout the day for different activities:

Group room - for whole/small group activities, morning and afternoon group, interactive whiteboard sessions.
Activity room - for 1:1/small group work and snack. We usually do our arts and crafts in here!
Learning zone - here we interact with our friends and teachers, improving our communication skills. We have our continuous provision set out in here, along with free-flow to our covered outdoor area! 

Sensory play area - we have created a small room off our learning zone where we are able to access sensory and messy play. Our teachers realised that we needed free flow access to this so created it especially for us.
Sensory room - this is where we can relax or self-regulate as needed.

ICT and Reading room - our reading room has a range of books and a cosy seating area that we use daily. The ICT area in this room is set up for 1:1 computing activities, we might also do other 1:1 activities in here.
Outdoor space - we can enjoy this space during play time and outdoor learning.


We also enjoy and learn through accessing different spaces around the school. Each week we are able to access outdoor learning in the quad, explore the woodland walk and enjoy sensory interaction time in the MILE. 




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