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Class 14 (Pyramid)

Class 14 Pyramid

                                            Welcome to Class 14- Pyramid


Class 14 have 10 pupils with four full time and one part time member of staff . Rachael is the class teacher who is supported by a fantastic team who work brilliantly with the pupils to support their learning.


This year classes have a shape theme, we are class Pyramid, this will help us expand our shapes vocabulary. 


Meet our team....



Rachael S Class Teacher
Sharon Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Neelima Teaching Assistant
Emma Kell-Pearson
Meet our students: here we are...

Like the other classes at Rosehill we have a suite of rooms, each with a specific purpose:

  • Group room – for whole group activities including morning group, lessons and small group activites.
  • 1 activity room– for independent/guided work activities, art and crafts and messy sensory activities. This room is also used for snack and dinner time.
  • 1 work room for 1:1 work sessions.
  • 1 reading/sensory room for looking at books or engaging in sensory exploration.
  • 1 balance room – an environment where pupils can relax and take a little time to themselves, interact and communicate with staff or enjoy the equipment on offer.
  • We also have an outside area for outdoor play.


Important days for Class 14- Pyramid


Monday morning: Woodland walk, please warm coats for cold/wet weather. 

Wednesday morning: PE, please remember to bring your sports kit.




Please contact Rachael if you have any questions or comments

Latest News





In cooking/ Meal Preparation we are designing and making our own snacks. After we are evaluating our cooking, whether we liked it or not and if we could do anything to improve it. We are also understanding how to stay safe in the kitchen.


In ICT we are using the internet to search for information about shops e.g. opening times, online shopping. We are also using IWB to produce different effects and patterns.


In maths we are understanding the awareness in the world all around use, by the use of numbers in everyday activities.

Work Experience

In work experience we are either working in the school café, school kitchen, training kitchen or even alongside the site manager, through this we learn the value of working in a team and increase independence.