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Class 1 (Queen)

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Class 1! (Queen)


Welcome to the area all about Class Queens.  In Class Queen there are 8 pupils supported each day by a Teacher and a team of Teaching Assistants. We do lots of fun things in school and are looking forward to sharing these with you :)


As with Rosehill our class we have a suite of rooms which include the:

Group room - for whole group activities, morning group and small group activities
Activity room - for independent and individual work, this room is also used for snack and dinner
Work room - for 1:1 sessions
Balance room - this is where pupils can relax, or if needed to calm down
Learning zone room - where pupils interact with their peers and staff, improving communication skills and linking into the topic work
Outdoor space - where the pupils enjoy going when it is play time


Meet the Staff

Rachel Allbrighton (Class Teacher)
Christine Garner (Teaching Assistant)
Monika Tyler (Teaching Assistant)

Meet the pupils in Class 1 (Queen)

Important Information

- We go to the Splash Pool on Tuesday mornings, please ensure your child has got their kit so that we can take them to Splash Pool


Wednesdays - Wednesday is P.E day, although we don't need P.E kit as we have our yellow P.E tops at school we do ask your children are wearing appropriate footwear.

Thursdays - We will be going out and about in the community, either walking or on the school mini bus - please ensure the children are wearing suitable shoes and bring coats (if needed)


Each week we ask you for a contribution of £2, this goes towards snacks, off-site and community visits and resources. Thank you.

The songs we are learning in Class 1 (days of the week, months of the year, the weather, the seasons, topic song (We're going on a bear hunt))

Contact Information

If you would like to contact me please do not hesitate to do so