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Primary Parliament is run by Nottingham City Council Engagement and Partnership team and supported by Nottingham Learning Trust. It is an opportunity for a few of our students to meet with other Nottingham City schools to discuss and explore important issues effecting children who live in the City.


On Tuesday 8th November, Kathryn (Head of Primary) and Natalie (Student Council Lead) and two middle school students caught the bus into Nottingham to visit the Council House.


During the day we explored ways that people could look after each other as a new campaign has launched (www.LookingAfterEachOther.co.uk) and we explored the A-Z of kind words.

The pupils chose their favourite word and spread smiles by handing out their kind words as we walked from the Council House to the Library.


We enjoyed having a look around the - there are lots of books to look at but we also found an old map of Nottingham…Did you know that where Rosehill is now used to be a farm called Rosehill farm?