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Whole School Enrichment Programme


Enrichment aims to provide our students with a range of opportunities to develop and promote skills, interest and hobbies – to enable staff to ‘Talent spot’ what our students are good at and enjoy. In life we are all asked to make choices about what we want to do – we want to give our students a voice and enable them to make clear informed choices about their own learning pathways. However, this can sometimes be very difficult for our students as breaking from routine and trying something new can be very difficult.



To give all students opportunities to make informed choices so they are instrumental in developing their own transition pathway. Each individual pathway will be destination led to maximise prospects of employability, academic success, as well as social development skills that are transferable to a range of settings.


How can we do this?

by letting students experience new activities in a safe and structured environment, by encouraging them to try new things and develop new skills. 



When staff spot an emerging skill or talent, we can work towards providing extended experiences, so as students can make the very most of their abilities. We aim to provide opportunities for students to gain accreditation for skills they develop; by awarding AQA unit award scheme. We will also encourage students to extend their skills in the wider community, linking skills to community opportunities, college courses and work experience.


How does enrichment support Foundation Learning?


Curriculum Development - Develop a curriculum offer using the Foundation Learning Qualifications Catalogue that will meet the needs of the different learners within the Foundation Learning cohort, ensuring all three curriculum elements of the Foundation Learning framework i.e:

  • Vocational/Subject learning and skills

  • Functional Skills (Literacy, Numeracy and ICT)

  • Personal and Social Development (PSD)

    Enrichment will provide arrange of extended learning opportunities that supports all 3 areas of Foundation learning.


Rosehill School recognises the importance of vocational education for all students of all abilities, which helps prepare them for adulthood, focusing on increased independence and social skills, as well as building the skills needed for working life.


Through Enrichment we believe we offer all students the opportunity to;

  • Develop a sense of personal identity for career progression

  • Understand that everyone has a ‘career’ –lifelong progression through learning and work.

  • To develop and maintain self-esteem and plan for a positive future for themselves.

  • To empower them to make clear choices about their own futures learning pathway.

  • To aid and support transition

  • To raise the aspirations of all students.

  • To continue to develop students personal and social skills in a range of contexts.

  • Provide accreditation of students achievements and learning

  • To promote positive attitudes to lifelong learning.