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Whole School Curriculum

Our Key Aim

We recognise that children attending Rosehill School have specific, diverse and individual needs and our curriculum aims to reflect and meet these. Our ultimate goal is that the children are enabled to be active learners who are moving towards independence, autonomy, control and choice and learning to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and opinions. Therefore, we give all pupils opportunities to make informed choices so they are instrumental in developing their own transition pathway. Each individual pathway will be destination led to maximise prospects of personal achievements and personal development skills that are transferable to a range of settings.


Curriculum Coverage 2018 - 2019

Our curriculum continues to be delivered through a topic-based approach. Teacher feedback (July 2018) emphasises that their freedom to use the topics creatively to cover areas of the curriculum which are relevant to the children they teach, ensures that there is breadth and balance throughout all subjects across the year. During our summer 2018 curriculum planning phase, we reviewed our 3-Year Curriculum Overview, in order to ensure we continue to promote a greater collaboration and interaction at all stages of the teaching and learning process - strengthening cross-curricular links with Sensory Regulation, Fundamental British Values, The Prevent Duty and SMSC. Topics are covered on a half-termly basis and set across EYFS - Key Stage 5 Long Term Plans.


How are pupils being challenged through the curriculum?

The whole school curriculum continues to be taught exceptionally well in our school and this will be evidenced through planned assessment, teaching and learning observations, learning walks and monitoring of outcomes. Outcomes for children and learners remains high priority and teaching staff will evidence this through a broad range for sources; Examples include Records of Achievement, Student Council, Assemblies and Gold Awards.


For further information about the Whole School Curriculum at Rosehill School please contact The Curriculum Manager Cheryl Steele (Headteacher): c.steele@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk