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At Rosehill School, we actively engage pupils as participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to their school and local community. Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils and it gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. The Rosehill School Council is made up of elected representatives from different classes, across the school. Their role is to represent the views of pupils in their department/ Key Stage, to celebrate what is working well and to discuss ideas on how to improve our school. The pupils meet regularly.


Autumn term 2016 saw the election for a new whole school student council.  Due to most of the student council leaving Rosehill to pastures new in Summer 2016 the student council needed a revamp. 

For the first time the student council will involve pupils from each department in the school.  Initially pupils were asked to nominate a peer from their class to put forward for the student council.  They were then asked to elect 2 pupils from each department. 


The votes are in and the new student council has been announced as:


Elizabet and Adam representing Primary school

Amin and Adrian representing Middle school

Sienna, Anis and Morton for Upper school.

Primary Parliament


Primary Parliament is run by Nottingham City Council Engagement and Partnership team and supported by Nottingham Learning Trust. It is an opportunity for a few of our students to meet with other Nottingham City schools to discuss and explore important issues effecting children who live in the City.


On Tuesday 8th November, Kathryn (Head of Primary) and Natalie (Student Council Lead) and two middle school students caught the bus into Nottingham to visit the Council House.


During the day we explored ways that people could look after each other as a new campaign has launched (www.LookingAfterEachOther.co.uk) and we explored the A-Z of kind words.

The pupils chose their favourite word and spread smiles by handing out their kind words as we walked from the Council House to the Library.


We enjoyed having a look around the - there are lots of books to look at but we also found an old map of Nottingham…Did you know that where Rosehill is now used to be a farm called Rosehill farm?
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