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Pupil Premium

Rosehill School Pupil Premium 2016 - 2017

Pupil Premium at Rosehill School (Nottingham) ‘Narrowing the attainment gap and maximising outcomes’. Pupil Premium is a Government initiative aimed at providing additional support for looked after children (LAC) and those from low income families. The extra funding helps schools to narrow the attainment gap that may exist with pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Objectives of Pupil Premium Spending

At Rosehill School we aim to make full and effective use of the pupil premium:

  • Preparing pupils for adult life (through access to the 3 Ps curriculum) 
  • Improving and maintaining high levels of attendance  
  • Improving personal development, engagement, self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing
  • Improving access to learning opportunities outside of school (i.e. at home and within the community)


How we achieve the objectives of Pupil Premium spending

Outcomes for Pupils

  • We demonstrate the impact of each of the interventions used and funded by the pupil premium
  • We have termly pupil progress meetings with class teachers
  • We use a rigorous data tracking management system to identify and focus on maximising outcomes
  • We offer an Enrichment Curriculum, nurturing talents and personal development 


Effective Leadership & Management 

  • We have a clear policy for spending the Pupil Premium agreed by governors and publish this on the school website
  • Designate the Senior Leadership Team to overview how the funding is being spent and the outcomes of interventions and spending. Our Senior Leaders and Governors value the quality of teaching and learning as its core purpose.
  • Invest in a significant training programmes and CPD for all staff  
  • Ensure all staff are highly trained in autism, curriculum differentiation and interventions, from induction onwards with ongoing training  
  • We have a robust Performance Management process, linked to pupil outcomes
  • We have rigorous, moderated classroom observations and learning walks
  • We have a Management Communication System – (SIMS) to centralise record keeping and support the analysis of progress data
  • Research evidence from a variety of local, national and international studies


The Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Ensure class teachers are consistently aware of Pupil Premium students in their classes
  • Ensure Teaching Assistants are highly trained and understood the importance of specific targets for Pupil Premium students
  • We analyse pupil data robustly particularly in English, Maths, Science, PSHE and Computing
  • Regularly use a range of achievement and holistic data to track interventions and techniques and make adjustments.
  • Our staff use a 'small steps of progress’ approach to tasks
  • English and Maths interventions to ensure a narrowing of the attainment gap
  • We have additional equipment for occupational therapy and sensory diets 
  • We have additional equipment for speech & language including iPads and visual support, Interactive Whiteboards and software to assist access to the curriculum 
  • We secure active collaboration within school and working with other schools and professionals to ensure best practice and resources are available and shared


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare 

  • We ensure that, pupils (as far as possible) and parents are active partners in the learning process and in the management of behaviour 
  • Develop well targeted support to improve attendance and behaviour or links with families where this is a barrier to learning
  • We use a positive behaviour approach ensuring pupils are aware they are succeeding 
  • We have a staff who translate for parents/carers, where necessary
  • We review individual pupil behaviour support plans half termly – a teaching/curriculum team collaboration 
  • We work closely with other professional involved with pupils and families


For information about PP Spending 2016 - 2017 please follow the link below