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We do hope you enjoy this introduction to our school. Our school website provides a wealth of information about the School, but please do not hesitate to contact the school office  if you would like to arrange a visit and find out more about us!  


Rosehill School is situated on St Matthias Road, St Ann’s in the city of Nottingham. We are sited very close to the centre of Nottingham, partly within a business area and partly residential. We are a community special school maintained by the Nottingham City Education Authority for boys and girls aged 4 -19. We provide day education for children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders whose learning challenges are best served in a special school setting. Currently, there are 110 pupils on roll.


Rosehill School has been specialist provision for pupils with autism since 1980. The school caters for the needs of pupils with a wide range of abilities and differences associated with the spectrum of autism. The Ofsted report of November 2017 awarded the school as Outstanding in all areas.


Pupils who attend Rosehill School will all have been diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder. The nature of these difficulties is best described by The Autism Education Trust (http://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/About-AET/What-is-Autism.aspx  2014).


The curriculum at Rosehill School aspires to raise the standards of education for children and young people with an Autistic Spectrum Condition (and associated learning difficulties) through an active educational approach tailored to meet individual needs. It is a skills-based curriculum that has been carefully planned to meet the needs of all of learners leaving school in the 21st Century.  It is ever evolving, whilst maintaining our commitment to The Children and Families Act 2014.


Rosehill School is committed to safeguarding and equal opportunities and our ethos promotes all staff, pupils, parents/carers, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment. This commitment includes safeguarding all pupils with respect to Children Missing Education, Child Sexual Exploitation, e-Safety, and Female Genital Mutilation etc…. Rosehill School is committed to the promotion of Fundamental British values and the PREVENT agenda.


At Rosehill we believe in community, a sense of belief and commitment to excellence. We aim to provide a holistic environment which ensures pupils have access to a motivating and enriching curriculum. We work in partnership with children’s and adult’s services and additional services to help improve the lives of our pupils and their families; Keeping children at the centre of all plans and discussions – celebrating pupil voice.


For further information about the schools vision and aims please follow this link.


For information about the school curriculum please follow this link.


For information about the Post 14 Upper School Department please view our Upper School Prospectus by following this link.