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Curriculum Subjects (What we Teach)

What we Teach


Rosehill School is able to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for all pupils at the school whatever their needs might be. Through the comprehensive curriculum programme, the rich and dynamic curriculum offers all pupils an education that enables them to fully participate in all learning and social experience, whether that is at school or in the wider community. Not only are we able to offer differentiated access to the National Curriculum but we are able to offer a curriculum designed to support the learning styles and needs of pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties.


Please explore our Curriculum Policies and Programmes of Study, and follow the links to the PScales, National Curriculum Framework and National Programmes of Study.


Please follow this link to see further information regarding Assessment and Attainment results.

For further information about the Whole School Curriculum at Rosehill School please contact The Curriculum Manager Cheryl Steele (Deputy Head): c.steele@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk 


For further information about The EYFS Curriculum and Primary Curriculum (KS1&2) please contact our EYFS and Primary Department Head Kathryn Barnicott: k.barnicott@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk


For further information about The Middle School Curriculum (KS2 & KS3) please contact our Middle School Department Head Claire Waldrom: c.waldrom@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk


For further information about The Upper School Curriculum (KS3 - KS5) please contact our Upper School Post 14 Department Head Samantha SummerRell: S.SummerRell@rosehill.nottingham.sch.uk