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Here are the adults that help Peacock class



Picture 1 Katie Stevenson- Class Teacher
Picture 2 Rowena Cowell- Teaching Assistant
Picture 3 Kim Ingleton- Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Emma White- Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Thomas Prime- Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Nicci Parker- Teaching Assistant

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Our classroom environment


Like the other classes at Rosehill we have a suite of rooms, each with a specific purpose:

  • Group room – for whole group ‘circle’ activities including ‘hello’ group, some curriculum lesson and ‘transition times’
  • 2 work rooms for 1:1 work sessions.
  • Activity room– for curriculum lessons as well as painting, craft activities, messy play, construction toys etc.

Also used for snack time.

  • 1 balance room – an environment where pupils can relax and take a little time to themselves, interact and communicate with staff or enjoy the equipment on offer.
  • We also have an enclosed outside area for outdoor play.
  • We also have some toilet cubicles, urinals and a Personal care room.


By structuring our classroom environment, we can reduce the anxiety many of the children experience as a result of being unsure of what is expected of them or what will come next. For instance, they know the type of activities to expect when in the group area and they know our expectations of them e.g. they are expected to sit on their chairs. They are 'cued' into an activity by physically moving to the appropriate area.


This structure extends to our timetable which, although not the same each day, has certain fixed 'points of reference', such as morning 'hello' group, snack time, dinner time, afternoon group. We use a symbolic timetable to give the children a clear visual sequence of their day. Once we have this structure in place, we can introduce gradual variations so that the children become better able to cope with unexpected changes and new experiences.

Spring Term 2019


We have had a good start to 2019 with our first topic being about Fundraising and Charities. As a class we decided to raise money for Stonebridge City Farm, we held a cake sale and had an animal fancy dress day. Before all the fun we had a lot of hard work to prepare.


We wrote letters and emails informing people of the event.

We made posters and money boxes.

We baked cakes and biscuits to sell.

We then took the money down to the farm!


For our new topic we are learning all about Personal Safety- how to stay safe at school, at home, out in the community and online.

During all of this we have some exciting things coming up:

Maths week

World Book Day

Red Nose Day


Autumn 2018


Welcome to Class Peacock's (8) page,


We have all settled well into our new class with new pupils and new staff.


This term we are looking at a whole school topic- WW1 Games of Remembrance.

It is an important year this year as it has been 100 years since the end of the war, we shall be reading stories about people in the war and the animals which played an important role during the war. In our community skills visits we shall be visiting local memorials which people have created the remember the war. In cooking we shall be making foods using the rationed food which people ate during the war. If you would like any more information please have a look at the topic web which is on the website and has been sent home.


On  a Monday we participate in Wake and Shake where we practice moving our bodies to music and copying other people. On a Thursday we have hall running and P.E (so please send in a P.E kit so we can practice our personal care skills). On a Friday morning we have our community skills session where we will go on the minibus or walk to local places.

Details for our Christmas performance will be shared soon!


We look forward to all the exciting things ahead for this term.




Class Peacock team

Herman the Worm - Popular Nursery Rhymes Playlist for Children - by The Learning Station

Here are some of our favourite songs that we listen to in class peacock.

Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Children - Happy Dance - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

I am the Music Man - Action Songs for Children - Brain Breaks - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

12 Months of the Year | Exercise Song for Kids | Learn the Months | Jack Hartmann