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About our class!

In Class 4  Parrot we have 9 students aged 8 - 10 who are taught by 2 teachers.  Becca teaches Monday - Friday and Kathryn who is also our Primary Phase Leader and Assistant Head, teaches Thursday and Friday.  The 9 boys are also supported by a range of Teaching Assistants across the week.

Meet the Team...

Picture 1 Kathryn Barnicott - Class Teacher (Thurs, Fri)
Picture 2 Rebecca Lynch - Class Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)
Picture 3 Rose - Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Christine Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Jag - Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Monika - Teaching Assistant
Picture 7 Rachael - Teaching Assistant

Our Learning Environment


In our classroom we have a range of rooms that we use throughout the day for a range of different activities.

Group room - for whole group activities, morning group and small group activities
Activity room - for independent and individual work, this room is also used for snack
Work room - for 1:1 sessions
Balance room - this is where pupils can relax or (if needed) self regulate
Learning zone room - where pupils interact with their peers and staff, improving communication skills which link to our topic work
Outdoor space - where the pupils enjoy going when it is play time or to engage in outdoor learning.


We also use different rooms around school to give our children a varied learning experience. 

These include:

Heart Space - Used for Wake and Shake, department assemblies and where Class 4 sit for dinner

MILE - Our sensory room used by the whole school

Hall - Used for PE and whole school assemblies/performance

Ball Pool - Used on a Thursday

Art Room - Used on a Friday for creative projects

Dance Studio - Used every other Friday for Dance, Yoga and Creative projects

Splash Pool - Available for whole school use

Kitchen Spaces - To help the children develop life skills

Meet some of our Class 4 children
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Daily in Class 4 Parrots

Each day, the children in Class 4 arrive and complete morning work linked to their individual targets.

After Morning group which focuses on Communication and turn taking , we take part in daily exercise.  This can be wake and shake or Running in the QUAD space.

We always eat snack together and use communication boards to request what we would like, using our manners.

In an afternoon we brush our teeth before starting learning.


Weekly Activities

  • PE is on a Tuesday afternoon.
  • Out and about is on a Tuesday Morning - 1 week minibus and 1 week walking in the local community.
  • We ask for a weekly contribution of £2 so as we can visit a range of places and treat the children to nice snacks.
  • Dance is on a Friday afternoon.
  • We visit the café on a Friday morning.

Current Topic - Rosehill Flight Of Dreams

This Term we have been learning all about Types of Travel and visiting different locations around the world on holiday.  We all made passports, luggage tags and suitcases in preparation for this. 

We read the story, 'If we had a sailboat' and thought about how we would trabel if we went by boat, aeroplane, train or rocket.  We made paper aeroplanes, a Class 4 Train out of clay and tested which boats float best in science.

When thinking about where we would go on a rocket, we learnt all about the planets!

We visited Tollerton airport to look at the aeroplanes and next term will be learning about how to travel safely on public transport including buses, trains and trams!

Picture 1

This is the song that we have used in Science to learn about the 8 planets!

Learn the 7 continents of the world!

Class 4 are very clever and now know the 7 continents after singing this song.

Learn to sign 'Summer Holiday' by Cliff Richard with Singing Hands.

The children have been signing and singing this song daily.