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Class 14 (Merlin)

Welcome to class 14.


We currently have 10 students. Rachael is the Teacher in Class 14, We have a fantastic team who work brilliantly with the pupils ot support their learning. Meet our team....

Picture 1 Rachael Smyth Class Teacher
Picture 2 Jane Clarke Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Picture 3 Daisy Crook Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Pam Johal Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Emma Holden Teaching Assistant
Here we are...
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Welcome to class 14. We will try to keep this page as updated as possible so please keep coming back to check for any updates. We will however keep this section updated each term with our class timetable and topic web. This section will allow you to see the lessons and what we will be learning about. You will also be able to see what days certain activities take place.

Topic Web and Timetable

Topic Web and Timetable 1
Topic Web and Timetable 2

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Cooking 1
Cooking 2
Cooking 3
Cooking 4
Cooking 5
Cooking 6
Cooking 7
Cooking 8
Cooking 9
Cooking 10
Cooking 11
Cooking 12
Cooking 13
Cooking 14
In cooking/ Meal Preparation we are designing and making our own snacks. After we are evaluating our cooking, whether we liked it or not and if we could do anything to improve it. We are also understanding how to stay safe in the kitchen.


In ICT we are using the internet to search for information about shops e.g. opening times, online shopping. We are also using IWB to produce different effects and patterns.


Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3
Maths 4
Maths 5
Maths 6
Maths 7
In maths we are understanding the awareness in the world all around use, by the use of numbers in everyday activities.

Work Experience

Work Experience  1
Work Experience  2
Work Experience  3
Work Experience  4
Work Experience  5
Work Experience  6
Work Experience  7
Work Experience  8
Work Experience  9
Work Experience  10
Work Experience  11
Work Experience  12
Work Experience  13
Work Experience  14
Work Experience  15
Work Experience  16
Work Experience  17
Work Experience  18
Work Experience  19
Work Experience  20
Work Experience  21
Work Experience  22
Work Experience  23
Work Experience  24
Work Experience  25
In work experience we are either working in the school café, school kitchen, training kitchen or even alongside the site manager, through this we learn the value of working in a team and increase independence.