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For a quick tour and some more information about Rosehill, please take a look at the document below “What is Rosehill School like?” Designed by Kyfer Allchorne

Admissions to Rosehill School


Rosehill School admits nursery, primary, secondary and Post-16 aged children with communication and social difficulties, which fall within the autistic spectrum. All children who enter Rosehill School will have an Education, Health and Care Plan or a Statement of Special Educational Needs.


The school does not make the final decision on who is admitted but works collaboratively with Nottingham City SEN Service, key agencies and families to determine admissions. The LA make the final decision in terms of possible over-subscription.


If you would like your child to attend Rosehill you must inform the SEN Team of your preference. They will provide further information of how to proceed with your request. Please contact:


Special Educational Needs Service

Glenbrook Management Centre
Wigman Road

Phone: 0115 87 64300


Website: http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/education-and-schools/special-educational-needs-service/#Contact%20Us

Admissions Policy and Procedures

Visits Enquiry

Before phoning us, you can learn more about Rosehill School via the school website www.therosehillschool.com. or contact your Local Authority to explore your options. If you would like to arrange a visit please provide us with your details, your child's details and a brief summary of your child's current situation e.g. holds a current statement (EHCP) of special educational needs.